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Beat the Bastard 2013 da third

Beat the Bastard 2013 da third

Hop's intro: Benbro and crew road trip to Beat The Bastard (Townie) to freeride a hill you can only dream about, raise money for charity...and you thought your life was fun! This is part three and final installment. If you want to catch up - part one and part two. This year's freeride charity was Camp Quality. Don't be a bum, find a way to give.

ado Ado: raisin cash for Camp Quality

Ben Hay, the road trip master of ceremonies continues the tale: Mt Stuart has always rated highly on my list of favourite hills. It is an event that I have always said progresses your riding like no other, to be able to get driven back up repetitively all day and possibly attain 30 runs for a day is unique in itself. Then on top of that you have got the quality of the hill. A hill, I believe even the best riders in the world can constantly step up their own riding and find ways to improve on it. The nature of it being a freeride also allows you to experiment and try new things. Mt Stuart is consistently fast. The second you push off, holding a tuck, can quickly have you doing in excess off 80 kph before you are half way down the starting straight! The pavement is smooth and consistent but is drifty in places with a high abrasion factor. Wheels, pucks, shoes if you footbrake and if you crash leathers just get eaten up on this hill. I went there with a goal to ride it in many ways. Due to no one footbraking outside of Bathurst anymore, you need to slide, not so much for speed control but mainly to stop at the end. As your wheels become toasted from sliding to stop and any predrifting your doing on the hill your control and grip on the hill becomes reduced. Replacement wheels are necessary, like 2 sets a day minimum. The hill is fast enough and drifty enough that even having a chilled run requires levels of prediction and grip to get down the hill.

Yatesy leading a charge down Mt Stuart Yatesy leading a charge down Mt. Stuart

My preferred way that I love to ride Mt Stuart is staying low, mobbing fast with small controlled predrifts for speed control. The hill can be gripped all the way if nice lines etc are taken but it isn't as fun and this is a freeride that is fast enough and due to the closed road and haybailed surroundings allows for a rare opportunity to ride fast and drift fast to a race line. Dialing your speed control and eye for fast lines is the best part about this event in my opinion. No matter what your style this hill can be skated anyway and suits technical freeriding like no other in the country. My final runs down on the end of the last day were on the new Moronga from otang. Wished I cracked them out on Mt Stuart earlier as they gripped enough but drifted like a dream for floating controlled predrifts longer but without any extra speed loss. Moronga's and Mt Stuart: fell in love that day.

Mt Stuart's beautiful curves Mt. Stuart's beautiful curves

Three days riding Mt Stuart with your mates and fellow shredders from all over the nation is a very contenting experience. The vibe was rad and any politics is left behind or on Facebook. It was great to see people under no pressure just having fun, trying different disciplines and stoking out on the biggest reason we skate...stoke!! There was so much of it this year and words can't do the event or the hill justice.

Millsy on the cripple couch Millsy on the cripple couch

I seriously can't wait to head north next winter again for Btb 2014. Put it on your bucket list, take a few extra bucks to bid and buy some super cheap but quality products from the auction that is kindly donated by sponsors all to raise money for a cancer related charity. Huge thank you to Ado and the Btb team for running a special event and to my supporters Hopkin Skate, Glyde skateboards, Orangatang wheels, Kahalani trucks for helping myself and the Australian scene broaden our horizons.  

Beat the Bastad Video

scroll   scroll   scroll   scroll   scroll   scroll   scroll   scroll   scroll   scroll   scroll Happy Birthday Dubers

Duber's birthday on tour Duber's birthday on tour

The 3rd Degree wheel review of Volante Morgans

The 3rd Degree wheel review of Volante Morgans

fast wearing wheels do feel better to shred, but does that really make them a better wheelFast wearing wheels do feel better to shred, but does that really make them a better wheel

The 3rd Degree review crew has begun at the Hopshop, we have organized for a new wheel to be filmed and reviewed by a different rider monthly, we hope to show what's new on the market and greater your knowledge of what's out there (and what is in the Hopshop).

Volante Morgans Wheels

1st day shred left the wheels already oval, dijon had a mile wide smile after all that testing 1st day shred left the wheels already oval, Dejan had a mile wide smile after all that testing

beastern suburbs its no surprise that with a hill this steep Dejan cored the wheels, but in under 5 hours total of skating.....

like an EAGLE!!! like an EAGLE!!!

The 3rd degree - With Liam Morgan breaking on to the scene a couple of years ago with his massive stand up slides and greasy attitude, he has set the grom world on fire. Now with his own Pro freeride wheel out and signature hair products, the loyal following that has accumulated around the world is sure to treble in size. Volante have released a high quality, fast wearing and predictable wheel. The core shape and lip design allow for amazing transition into and out of slides and ward off any unwanted flatspots by encouraging the wheel to keep spinning. The feeling of destroying thane under your feet and leaving it laid behind you is quintessential to today's freeride scene. The Volante Morgans achieve this and promote going bigger and better with each run through confidence in its release points. But with such high wearing properties will riders be buying a new set each weekend cause they core'd them already? I don't think so. Overall rating for Volante Morgans - 7.65 out of 10.

laying thane is too much fun. laying thane is too much fun.

The search continues for the 10 outta 10 wheel with predictable, long lasting, fast freeride features. Next week - Josh Musumeci on the once go-to wheel Metro Motions and myself on the new These 60mm Centresets. -Rob McWhinnie

The Wild West Outlaw

The Wild West Outlaw

The Wild West Out law In the back country, far from Sydney's busy streets and surrounded by dirt roads, bush land and farms, BenBro and Duddy  had found a long sweeping downhill run, starting in butter and ending in chunder. The ideal location for Australia's end of year outlaw to rule all outlaws. Maga has been looking forward to more Aussie races since we got back from the Euro tour mid year, after hitting 3 world cups and mobbing mountain roads like you wouldn't believe, coming home and racing footpaths and alleys just didn't cut it. I've been riding as many different styles as possible lately, moving from board to board, getting out on the my custom DH setup from Fibretec  is always a step up, speed and concentration mixed with thrill and risk. The wild west hill would test you on all accounts and with riders travelling from around the whole country to race, it would only take one slip up to possibly ruin your day. When we left on the race morning, we drove up some nasty back road, 4wd stuff, we pushed on and with a little following the nose we came across the butter smooth tar that only teased you at the top of the run. NACCOS where there setting up hay bales and cleaning the track, we pulled up to find Yates, Kam, Duber and the rest chilling on the final corner, big hugs all round and a quick catch up over a safety  meeting, Maga wanted to check the gnar hairpin that followed the chunder straight, so we walked up and had a closer look at what would be a pinnacle point of the race, Mustard came hauling through the left hander already getting it dialled, the steep straight into the hairpin had a unskateable entire left hand lane, it was full of craters and forced the riders to use only the right lane, the apex was late into the corner too and with exit speed imperative you had to stay wide and chop it like it was your job.


sector 9 bus captain Bruce de Graf"

The sector9  bus from the hopshop arrived, piloted by bruiser and stack to the rafters with speed hungry groms shitting their pants after seeing the bigboys course they were about to suit up and race on. You wouldn't  believe it but I've  have never had to race against Maga in a DH, BenBro started the day with a 5 round robin Qualify session that would seed you into a 32man single elim format after lunch, the round robin was a excuses  for practice on the hill but also race practice with other riders, 1st round comes and Maga is suited up and ready to race we barely realise that we are in the same heat and it wouldnt be the last for us racing together on the day.


high speed style from Maga

I've got my game face on and so does she, after the push off you pick up speed really fast, its butter smooth and seems to get steeper, the corner drifts left before rallying to the right, you can't see around the corner and grabbing rail your other hand is floating over the inside scrub as you need to keep the line tight, the exit pinches back to the left and after accelerating through the corner you get dragged to the outside edge, trees fly by as you push 80km/h and the g force kicks in as the road comes back up to level, at this moment your fairy tale run ends and a sudden slap in the face with chunder chip seals almost gives you a bleeding nose, you need to hold on and stay in tuck

Kam killing it out in front"

The quicker you can maintain across the rough the better chance you have, the road slowly risers up hill and over a right hand crest, the outside lane, the left lane was smooth around here, and even when racing hard you needed to remember it was faster too. i would have a chance now to get worried about maga. did she really make that? id check behind and have a look and SHIT YES there she was,  getting rattled to death on the chunder but still rolling. seeing her mobing hills was enough to stoke me out and calmed me down as i headed into the final section of the run. Shes been progressing well, surprising  me and impressing  others as she's  getting to more and more races and sessioning at  freerides.

local shredder Caspian hanging out front while dominating Quals"

After a solid morning session, and a good stack blowing my line around the big left hander and going bush bashing in my leathers, i had qualified equal first with Caspian. Maga Equal 16th with Penny, a solid result and a goal we have been aiming for a while. Making the cut in an OPENs event can be only half the challenge for a aspiring racer, and beating half the field is the way to do it. Benny and his lovely missus and prepared sandwiches  and put on a massive esky of beers, water and supplies, the 32 man tree meant everyone got to race, we had barely any traffic and had plenty of time thanks to JackBro being solid on the books and the sector9 bus running smooth. Dejan flying around the final corner while young rippers chase him down

i had made it to the semis, bonus round guys, at this point you have raced all day and its only gonna get better, the first heat was all the grommies, Jayden, Dijon, Kelly  and Mail while the second heat was Yates, Kam, Chad  and myself. i was stoked on all the Hopkin boys holding tight and still in it, i wasn't really worried about the outcome and knew what happened  happens, i trusted everyone to not do anything stupid and the fastest rider would take the win, Kam pushed off hard like a mofo, made me wake up a bit, he was hungry hey, i slipped in behind him and we peaced out on the others until the left hander when Yates tried making a move, but when following me in he was was borked by a mad wobble  i got over the inside line and he lost control in the apex, kam was stoked in 1st and had momentum going into the finals,  dijan and kelly made it too,  so the Finals would be a Hopkin Race Team battle with Yates racing for 5th in the consi. BenBro hosted an awesome event, it was a great moment when i saw his face stoking out on all the boys making the finals, even though i knew he wanted to be here with us he was happy to just cheer us on as the bus drove back up the hill one last time. Lining up against your best of mates is one of the great times in DH racing for me, you spend so much time mobing hills with these guys and jaming out on monster runs its hard not to be stoked when we get a whole race hill to our selves. [caption id="attachment_4333" align="aligncenter" width="618" caption="one very tight run with yates and myself"]one very tight run with yates and myself

I wasnt gonna let Kam beat me off the push this time and dejan has smoked me off the start line before so i had to be ready to attack and take them by surprise. off the push Kam shot off and i had to dig deep to slap the foot down hard and fast, i heard the other guys stop pushing and threw an extra one or two big ones, i had the lead and kam was sniffing my arse, but now i was in the lead i could drive the car, i needed to cover my line and drive it home. as we hit the chunder i felt a small push from kam, i was hoging the smooth lane so he wasnt able to pass, hahahha, we mobed over the crest and now kelly and dejan where both drafting us too, we entered the steep section before the big left hander and dejan came up on kam and gave him a push now kam wasn't going to push me again so he moved up on my outside as we entered the corner, we looked at each other and judged our speed and entry line, i was about to get shafted as he moved in closer so a friendly shove kept us at arm's length,  we dove in faster than ever and it was too tight, we were going to lose traction, but who would lose speed? i had some hectic proto type wheels on ,over  100mm contact patch, 75a with 99a core ( thanks Jacko and old mate at S9 ), i had trusted them to not float off and they didnt disappoint,  Kam kept drifting and i griped up and ripped it, all the way out to the apex and down to the final right sweeper, Dejan and kelly got bucked off and both dislocated their shoulders some how, shit eh. Kam followed us in and the celebrations began before we crossed the line.

ash maga and alix taking the girls podium.

Maga won the girls too and had a great time doing so, we havnt been so stoked from a race for a very long time and will remember that weekend for a while yet.

hopkin race team, Dejan - Rob - Kam and kelly grom

I'd like to thank BenBro and family, Duds, duber, PC, bruiser, Ryan, jackbro, all of NACCOS and every volunteer that made the event possible also the sponsors that supported the event, Sector9 Australia sent riders down from Qld and forked out $$$ to get Sydney groms to from the race in the event bus. also Otang, Glyde, Oneliner and Hopkin for helping out sponsering the event. and all my personal sponsers especially Fibretec for helping me build a board that i can win races on, Kahalani for trucks when i want to go fast, Riptide Bushings to stay stable and Hopkin Skate for everything else. these are rad days il remember for a long time. all photo credits to Astrid Carey, thank you for donating your time and skill. -Rob.

IGSA Mt Keira World Cup day one videos

Here are a few videos from Day one practice session. Simple phone videos with Jacko voice overs. The track was wet, it was slippery. The days results are up on ASRA. Louis Pilloni was the fastest today followed by P Swiss. Best placed Aussie is Ben Hay sitting third. Yatesy is 9th and Cam is 17th. Lea is the top placed woman qualifier and is sitting 56th in the open which damn fine for her first IGSA race! Hopkin Racing team has never been better placed in a world cup event. Adam Yates, Mischo, Dalua and Switzer all cruise past in this practice run. IGSA Mt Keira race Day 1 practice  Steez corner followed by faceplant and Tony Graves inspecting the haybales. IGSA Mt Keira race Day 1 practice with Tony Graves Rob McWhinnie shows us how to crash into the haybales. IGSA Mt Keira race Day 1 practice with Rob McWhinnie  Louis Pilloni shows us the right way to crash into hay bales. IGSA Mt Keira race Day 1 and crashing with Louis Pilloni

Day 5 and 6 of the N-Tense D-Centz tour

Day 5 Word of the day: Whare Paku (Farty-parkoo), "Shitus"! The tour continues, and Yatesy and Benbro both contribute to our murdering of the English language. Lil prayers to the rain gods paid off last night eh. Overcast and still I was just hoping for some wind, blue skies and sun. Wasn't at all worried if it was to be wet. I wanted to turn wheels no matter. Break, screw around and the sun is shining, jedus flowing. Off to the playground for the day's stoke. benbro: We awoke today with grey skies and the odd drizzle patch still lurking, but there was wind so the chance for drying roads was promising. Crew got in the bus and hit up Bodhi's favourite local pie shop. The plan was to hang at the Whangamatta snake run and skate park til it dried and after a short jam we finally managed to drag pommy Josh and Bondy out of the bowl and off to check the hills. As fun as the park was crew needed speed eh! Our location of shredding was to be a handful of good hills all throughout the Coromandel Peninsula, we skated 5 hills for the day and 3 of them were as good as you would ever want to ride, so many stoked faces, and some epic riding going down from everyone. We decided to do a lot of filming today as the skies turned blue and clear and the hills were safe enough to do some tight riding amongst the crew. I feel very fortunate to have had some epic film runs with two of the best up and coming women skaters on the planet, Ishta and Marisa. I know most of the crew have seen Robs videos from Peru of these two gals shredding, but to see it in person is truly inspiring, such confident solid riders and the best gals I've skated with. Marisa and Ishta are totally stoked to be hitting the oz scene in the next few weeks (Hop's note: this is an old news they are already here) and they can't wait to skate with and meet all of Ozzie maidens. Everyone on the tour are totally stoked at the moment, I had good runs with everyone today and the hills were sick as! The Coromandel Peninsula is a brilliant place, epic surf spots, the fishing is off the hook, big ones everywhere, and every thing a downhill skater could ask for… Back to Oz for me on Tuesday night, got a big day on some of NZ 's finest hills again tomorrow, weather's perfect, it'll be all on. Been an epic trip.

N-Tense D-Centz tour 2012

Thanks to all involved in helping me get here, N-Tense D-Centz, Bodhi and Speedy you guys are rad and big thanx to Jacko and Sector 9 for passing his spot on to me …pretty generous gift mate, a rare opportunity that I appreciated a lot, and congrats again on the race win champ, see n yo all soon. Skate safe, keep smiling……Benbro. Day 6 words by Yates mate Word of the Day: Mana = "pride" Wow what an epic morning! Stayed at a small beach village called Kuaotunu on the northern most tip off the Coromandel Peninsula! Had a ball down on the beach getting all jedusy by a bonfire, yeah Craigos ol golden beard. As Benny said, this place was epic. Down on the beach for me this morning, a lil too cool for a swim but none the less great to be at the beach in the early hours of the day. Bohdi had a hell spot for a photo up one of the roads in the area. Turned out to be hell steep, gravel and pretty gnar but then, fffffwwwwwaaaghh! butter corner with the view from hell. such a sweet place to turn wheels at first light. Off to skate the Coromandel today and from previous blog entries, you punters will be aware that its a mecca for grip and rip, dive in and surf the dropping corners, pitted styles yo! "Pumpkin Pit" was one of the hills we frothed on yesterday. We were back on our way towards Auckland. Bennbro has unfortunately gotta bounce back to the Central Coast and get his fish on! Tight lines Benny. Pumpkin Pit, as its been renamed, was epic again today. To give a run down of the set up, its about 4 minute, 3.5 kms of goodness. There's not a part of the hill I don't enjoy. The top drops in sweeping down through a gap and crosses the ridge line leading into a series of bends just asking for pitted status. Spot n Chop is utilised, as the first minute or so the rights are easily spotted and diving in getting pitted is essential if you're to hit the features. Soooooo pitted. The rights lead straight into hell mondo banked lefts and again its all pitted yo! Where are we now, hell dawg, sweep round one of the hard left bends and its roller coasters again into a left bend before a toight right hairpin. Outta that its into the faster downhill section. Spot n Chop again and rally down through two more solid lefts followed by diving rights. The first was a double apex and tight upon exit if you don't go the inside. The right that followed was suuuuper pitted and the next left was quick into the last hairpin righty that was patchy but punchable. The end couple hundo meters was shitty chip seal but whatever, so straight potato till the turnaround. I had runs down with every punter on the hill. Such a sick crew to be part of. Oh I shortened the wheelbase of the 2012 Wolfshark today by two inches and mondo grip n rip hell pitted frothing styles eh. Heading into the sun everyone's buzzing. I hear Benbro frothing on something sick. The girls at the front are getting into something of the reproductive organs????? Bondy's been grown his beard for 5 years but the current one he's rippin is 12 mnths long. golden beard bra!! Hell fact: The average men's beard grows at 150mm a year! Good times with good peeps. Blind bomb through Kopu Ranges. Rough chunder mountain bombs are a memory cherished from my time in BC. Yeah Striker! Can't say too much bout it but fun. You ask how a blind chunder mountain bomb can be fun, I say throw some sickunts all frothing on getting their jedus flowin and a few camera's to capture the moment and you can get the drift. Great way to say to Benbro, Chur Bro, thanks for the sweet as times in the land of the kuzzi eh. See ur arses hillside in a month @ Mt Kiera. Finished the day so stoked with a mondo stiffy and a few cold ones! oioioi! Adam Yates