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    Hopkin Skate Blog — Amy London

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    NZ Wind Turbine race results and report

    Opens 1st Jackson Shapiera, 2nd Adam Yates, 3rd Kelly Carter Womens 1st Marisa Nunez, 2nd Rachael London, 3rd Amy Stoke London Groms: 1st Alex Knight, 2nd Luke Steezy, Scott 3rd Finn Boyle Jackson gives us the skinny on what when down: After having a pretty relaxed day yesterday skating some sick mountain runs just outside of town, getting pitted by trucks and ripping through different pavements on hairpin corners we chilled at the villa and had the mondo feed, settling in for rest before the big race day. We all got up nice and early ready to get amongst it. Leathers were on before we left to stretch em in and warm em up before tucking down a crazy rough and windy hill. Rocking up to the event true skate team style blaring tunes and jumping out of the van handing out stickers stoking out the crew getting pumped up to race. I had attended this race last year but not as a rider due to shoulder injury so I was there to witness the carnage caused by the rough road and had some form of idea that it was going to be hideous to ride, but I was not actually prepared on how unpredictable the racing would be. Trying to get a good solid line through the first corner was tricky, it was a steep drop into a solid hairpin with shit pavement that was gritty, had pot holes and rough as guts. cooking wheels and sliding out was an easy task, there were many upsets on this bend for sure. After the bend was a long sweeping chicane section that was steep and fast, and an easy spot to pick off people's draft. Following that was a nice uphill section for fat fuckers like myself to charge over and into the next two corners; a sweeping right hand bend (that was surprisingly smooth!) into a tight dropping left that was a nightmare to slide. The pavement was so dodgy and slippery in the pre-drift zone that trying to pull that early slide move just caused fade-out action. The only option was to just rip into the turn and drift the board through the apex, try your best to hook up and roll onto the finish line. The day was long due to the double elimination format with 1-on-1 racing. You needed to loose twice to be out of the mix. If you lost one of your heats you were moved into the loser's bracket with still a chance to make the finals, however if you blow it twice your done. The team were all shredding but we all sampled the gnar and had many many upsets. I hit the hay once and then on the same run went off the edge of the road riding a haybail down the hill, then had to climb down another 15m to retrieve my board. Yates hit a pot hole after the finish line and got launched into the bank for a mud swim, kam 50-50 grind the gutter and launched, Luca had mondo footshift through the first bend due to bumps and went into the next turn super monkey-toe and slid off, even Lea's puck got caught in the cracks and ripped off. One of her race heats she was infront and lost a puck through the first lefty, however managed to stay on her board and rode on with one puck. She then swapped it to her left hand for the final corner but unfortunately she needed to put her hand down in the righty, got it jammed on the bend and popped the shoulder, which meant she was unable to continue racing. I managed to make it through the rounds without losing, having a few tight heats with local NZ shredders and finally matching up against the wingman yate-dawg in the final. Kam and Kelly battled through to the end with Kam knocking out Benbro and Kelly then taking out Kam to face off with Yates for a spot in the finals. Yates was in the zone and was ready to take the grom to school, frothing on making it back in the mix to race again in the finals with me. Unfortunately for him he was a little too stoked and went into the first corner too hot and wiped out, letting me sail through to take the win. Super stoked with the day, the weather was awesome and everyone was having a great time. Big ups to Bhodie (N-Tense D-Cents bus driver) for driving the shuttle bus all day, and also to Speedy and Max Gordy for running the show for us. We're off to the pub now to party on!