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    Longboard review: Daddow Platypus

    By Kelly Carter The Daddow Platypus is an amazing board. SO stoked, it’s now my favorite board in my quiver. It’s super carvy and super slidey. It’s got an awesome flex, there isn’t much to notice while just standing on it but once you start sliding, dancing and doing some shredding, you really start to appreciate it. It’s suited to almost any occasion whether it be cruising to your local shops, thrashing your neighborhood, going to watch Mary Poppins in a theatre (which I did) or even smashing your local skate park (which I did later). With 10cm of super rad kick tail, it’s so easy to break out the occasional pop shuvit or even a kick flip! This is the first longboard I’ve been able to do a kick flip properly on, I can’t wait for some skinny jeaned guy in the street to scream “DO A KICK FLIP”. This is the ultimate freeride/freestyle board! The drop through platform makes it super stable for fast free riding. Throwing out big standies is super easy with a light drop-through deck. Tricks like no comply slides are really easy with the low platform. I set mine up with 50 degree Randal 180mm trucks and Orangatang stimulus 86a and it’s nowhere near wheel bite. The huge cut outs give it a huge variety of possible set-ups. The reasonable amount of W concave mixed in with the large standing platform locks your feet in amazingly well but with still allows you to dance around for the steeze factor. The rounded rails feel great when dancing, giving you that extra lean through cross steps. I can’t wait to put this to the real test in Canada, show them Canadians what’s up! This board is all Aussie made, by downhill skateboarding legend, Stephen Daddow. Even more reason to buy it. If you’re looking for a new deck for your quiver, get this board. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Available in new platypus graphic (for our US readers, that is not a beaver)