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Gabe's Summer of Shred

We asked Gabe to give us a run down on where he is touring this year in the Northern summer... [Gabe] Finally, the time has come. Sydney is getting colder, the warmth of summer fading away into Autumn, its time to go shred another summer. On Monday begins an epic adventure of wheelyboarding, since coming back from my last adventure to the northern hemisphere all I have been thinking about is planning my next trip to the land of endless canyon roads and crazy shredders who say Duuuuude way too much. Last year I only got to spend a week and a half in California, which is nowhere near enough time to skate the variety of roads on offer. That's OK, this time ill have a solid month of shredding not only in California but at the Maryhill Freeride in Washington, Buffalo Bill in Colorado and Ditch Slap in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ditch Slap is held in several different ditches in Albuquerque, ranging from tight, steep ditches to huge, open monster ditches that run for miles and have 30 foot banks on each side. there are stories of kingpins snapping due to the speed you hit the transition coming back down, scary shit! After a 5 weeks skating Cali I'll be jumping on a plane with the Sector 9 crew and flying up to Vancouver, B.C to meet fellow Aussie shredders Kam Kite, Kelly Carter and Jacko and shred down some sweet runs in Vancouver's British Properties. After a couple of days in Vancouver we'll be driving onto a ferry which will take us to Pender Harbour for Danger Bay 10 and Jakes Rash with plenty of shredding the local hills in between. After Jakes Rash we'll make our way back down to Vancouver for the Britannia Classic [Gold Rush]. This is easily my favorite event, three days of freeriding and racing down one of B.C's sickest hills with pretty much every shredder in North America. what more could you ask for? The Britannia Classic is the last race in Vancouver but I'll be hanging around skating the BP's, South Vancouver, Cypress and Seymour Mountains and hopefully making a trip down to Summerland to skate my favorite hill in Canada, Giants Head. After 8 months of recurring dreams of that road I think its time to go back and skate it again. A few weeks after Britannia I'll be driving up to Kewlona to ride the hill I missed out on last year. I have heard many a tale of how awesome the road is and definitely don't want to miss it again this year, I might be able to grab a ride up with none other than Tony Graves, who until recently was the resident Canadian at Hopkin Skate. Soon after Kewlona I'll be flying back down to California for a few weeks before driving back out to Maryhill for the Festival of Speed. Tuck races aren't really my piece of cake but it will be rad to experience the crazy party that is Maryhill, I'll be sleeping in my leathers for extra firework protection that's for sure. Then it will be back to Cali for another 5 weeks of intensive shredding before flying down to Sao Paulo, Brazil to visit family and skate some gnarly rainforest roads with Dalua down in Porto Alegre. Hoping to hook up with Marcelo Costa again, he took me out to all the raddest spots to get sideways last time I was there and ripped down hills like a mofo on his tech slide board. Here's a short video I took of him about a year ago, I'm scared to think how hard he's ripping now... Marcelo Costa From Brazil I'm flying back home to aussieland, hopefully right when its starting to get warm again ;) See you all in 5 Months, look out for my blog posts on whats going down with the races, the riders and the swag [gear]. Peace Gabe