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      Hopkin Skate Blog — get more turn from a skate truck

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      How to get more turn on Bear Grizzly trucks

      This tutorial is only for the new trucks - If the nut is located against the baseplate of the truck, then you have the older version and you can skip this tutorial. Some people have been wanting to get more turn out of their Bear Grizzlies and are not sure how to go about it. The first step is to flip the front bushing washer. If this is not enough, a second step is to remove the back bearing washer. Here are the detailed instructions but first these are all the components that make up a Bear Grizzly truck Bear grizzley truck components 1. Flip the front bushing washer: The first thing you want to do to increase turning is to flip the front bushing washer. First, remove the nut. Second, simply take the washer and flip it so that the edges now face outwards. Secure the nut back onto the truck and give it a test run. 2. Remove the back bushing washer: Only do this if the first step did not allow for enough turning. First, remove the nut. Secondly, remove the bushings, hanger, everything off of the truck so that you can get to the back bushing washer. While doing this, try and keep track of what order things went in so nothing goes in the wrong order or goes on backwards. Remove the back bushing washer and put everything else back on. Secure the nut back onto the truck. The photo above is a truck with both modifications. Make sure that the nut is covered by the entire thread of the kingpin (the screw looking thing attached to the truck). If it is on too loose, then vibrations while riding may knock it off altogether, which you really don't want to happen. NOW GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO LONGBOARD!!!