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Hopkin Simpsons tribute ad in Heelside Magazine

Hopkin Simpsons tribute ad in Heelside Magazine

I used an old Hopkin advertisement image in the longboard=art blog post and have received a few questions about it, so I thought I'd do a blog post about it, instead of replying to a lot of messages. The Hopkin Simpsons tribute ad was created for issue 5, the 3D edition of Heelside Magazine around January 2012. Have you subscribed? The idea behind the issue was a big 3D photo shoot featuring Jacko, Gabe and the end of the world or zombie apocalypse. The cover was to be 3D and because we had the backpage advertisement space,  I decided to do a one off 3D ad. As the 3D photo shoot had been done a few months earlier, we could not add a few extra photos into the shoot for our ad. I trolled around the internet looking for ideas. The place I like to find photographers and artists for creative digital work is DeviantArt.  Although most artist don't like to commercialise their work. After looking through lots of 3D images, I found some cartoons done by Darren Lacey at DTDstudios. Then the idea came, a 3D Simpsons cartoon of everyone that works in the Hopshop! I contacted Darren, he was up for the job, and what I thought was going to be a simple ad turned complicated. I kept the project secret from everyone, because I wanted to get it done, reveal it at the last moment, so if there was a mutiny, we had to use it because there was no time to do another ad. Over the next few weeks I plotted with Darren to make it happen. Coming up with a general idea, that was not too complicated, I relied on Darren. I was hopeless, had no idea, I'm the big picture guy. Darren said lets do the characters and it will all fit into place. This is the creepy part. I had to take photos of everyone on the sly. Most of the photos I found on Facebook and ASRA. Baz was the hardest, there is no photos of Baz anywhere, dude is off the grid. Also building the characters was telling Darren who everyone was, what they did, and try to portray their character. heads The first character back was Lea. lea-rough-cut  

Next was racing Jackson Shapiera Rough-Base-pose-Jackson Then Robbo robbo-rough-base-head There were a few versions of Baz. The original idea was to have Baz in the  lotus position with that "I'm either going to kill a great white shark on a a surfboard or sit in a tree" kind of look.

early-baz Early version of Baz

I had to reveal the project and tell everyone what I was working so I could take some decent photos of Baz. Due to Baz's guru status in the Hopshop, he got drawn in an older Simpson style, a nod to the fact he was one of the originals...original extreme sports dude. Baz-Rough-NEW   I can't remember now who saw all the draft images. I know Lea and Robbo were early viewers. Baz was the only one that requested a change: he wanted a "B" on his hat. I was surprised how well everyone accepted their Simpsons style. Now the characters were done, the wireframing for the pose started. By this stage, we were getting close to deadline date. Magazines have a deadline to submit ad artwork. We were always late. So I figured we had a week or so before Kurt started complaining I was holding up production. how-the-3d-will-work-ish The only character we ran out of time to do was Cue Bob the shop bird. At this stage we were thinking of adding in something, like a bird mark, to signify Cue Bob had been there. Never happened. Finishing off the image was the most fun. One thing we were good at in the Hopshop was pranking, laughing, and insider jokes. So doing the final touches of the ad, there was a lot of ideas and jokes that never made the final version. There are a few jokes in there. I'm most notability absent, but sort of in keeping with reality... no one really knows what I look like, I keep a low profile, a juxtaposition of having my name everywhere (it's all marketing baby). So we decided to have my hands engulfing the crew. Earlier versions the hands were green. That was later changed to yellow to make it seem like it was the Gits that controlled everything...maybe Hop is the Gits? Behind-the-scenes In the final image we added "Simpson" style sun rays and clouds as a creative nod. Everyone has their favourite boards. Pat with a Daddow top mount. Cooper with his Fibretech top mount and Lea with her Fibretec race deck. one-final If you have some old school 3D glasses (red and blue). The last two images are for you. First, some of the things I learnt doing the 3D ad. - I got sea sick looking at 3D images for a long time. - 3D is a cool idea for content but didn't translate well to an ad. Readers put on the 3D glasses for the main article and not to look at ads. - Customers in the skateshop didn't appreciate the ad because most looked at it without glasses on - Like most things in the Hopshop, the fun part was the journey not the destination adjusted 3d colors mono 3d