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IDF is the future, it will not be on TV, it's online

I suppose I have been warming up for this blog post. A lot has happened since we all poured our souls online, crashed my server, and talked about IGSA World Championships and the future of our sport. I'm not going to focus on negatives here. I'm not going to talk about the past. This is about the future.  This about moving forward and the best thing for the sport of Downhill. IDF has been formed because of the need for openness and the right structure to take this sport forward and to continue to grow. From behind the scenes, I have watched this come together. What I have seen has amazed me. One morning, in the Hopshop, I saw a Skype call between 4 people, in 4 different countries on 3 different continents. Sharing, collaborating, and working together. No politics. No egos. One goal. It affirms my belief that the future of this sport resides with you the skateboarders, not a single company or person. As a group we can change the world. We can create the sport we want. It's success or failure will be determined by our resolve and our community collaboration. Few sports get the chance to redesign themselves from the ground up. We respect our past but we are not beholden to it in a way it will stifle our future. The IDF is democratic. It is run by the skaters for the skaters. It will reflect you: the skateboarder, the competitor, the event organiser, the skateboard industry. Whether you agree or disagree there is one thing that is resolute. The IDF is a structure that allows it's members to create amazing work and be part of a global community. We skate as individuals. We compete as individuals but collectively we are part of one group, one community and one journey. I like to think what we do today will effect future generations. I want to be apart of something that will amaze everyone, not just fellow competitors on top of the hill. I want to be part of something that changes the way the world sees international sporting federations. In no other time in history have a group of strangers from around the world, related only by a sport, have been so closely connected by technology. It is time to use what we have to create what we need. The first step is the launch of the new IDF website.

There are sections that you find on every website. Frequently Asked Questions and About Us. The fun parts are designed to inspire and let you participate. These are the groups. Not all these groups are for the general public. The IDF Surf Board is for board members. Event Organisers: Is an area for IDF and aspiring IDF event organisers to collaborate and share. Club Lounge: Is a group for national associations to get IDF help and also for sporting bodies to affiliate with the IDF. Industry Corner: is for the skateboard industry to communicate with the IDF about opportunities and concerns. Rider's Garage: Gives riders a way to talk to the IDF via their riders rep. A few of these groups can be read without signing up. However, if you want to collaborate, share, build the downhill community, you need to be a member. As you can see from the badge below, I have signed up and paid for my membership. I'll see you online, because... the IDF website is now live. Visit IDF - International Downhill Federation