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    Hopkin Skate Blog — longboard review

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    Rayne Vendetta review

    By Jackson Shapiera If I could use one word to describe this board, it would be: Perfection.

    The vendetta is everything that a longboarder wants in a freeride board. The concave is deep, but not too aggressive, the standing platform looks small but there is plenty of room for your feet: be it pumping, carving or throwing down some big stand up slides, and the deck is thin and light but strong enough to take skaters' abuse. Overall this board is a dream platform for freeriding and general longboarding. I set my Vendetta up with Kahalani 184s and Orangatang 86a Stimulus wheels, and it only took me 5 minutes to realize this is the board I've been wanting my whole life. I have the Kahas set up with purple Saber bushings to allow for maximum lean and hard carves, which made the board come alive. I was really astounded with how agile this setup was considering the fact I set it up with CNC downhill trucks. My feet felt so locked into the concave while pumping down the street and I had so much control over each rail to perform tight turns and throw the board around. The light weight of the board coupled with the drop-thru mounting made it really easy to push around, and I had no problems pushing up to top speed in no time at all. The next test was to see how this bad boy stood up to some fast hard sliding, and let me tell you it stood tall! The deep concave gave so much leverage with each turn I made to initiate slides, and this made pushing out the tail a breeze. The board seemed to glide effortlessly over the road as it is so light, which made holding bigger faster standup slides so much easier. Throwing this puppy around from regular to switch and back seemed like it took no effort at all. The next session I smashed this board around in a sweet little alley session. Pumping down the line, hitting bins and carving driveways felt so smooth. The board was so nimble and responsive. Cruising through the alleys near the shop has always been a favourite for me, but on the vendetta it was a whole new realm. Quick sharp carves into hard slashes and stand up slides were all this board wanted to do, like it had a mind of its own. It was so easy to control with the deep concave and the drop-thru mounting made the slashing so much smoother. I think this board is a must-have for any longboard quiver, its extremely light yet strong, its a small neat little package yet it has enough wheelbase and standing platform to handle faster downhill runs, and most importantly, it has a kick-ass graphic...
    Good on ya Rayne, you've done it again!
    Rayne Vendetta is not always in stock at the Hopshop. Numbers are always limited, this is not a mass produced deck, it a piece of fine Canadian craftsmanship, worth being patient and waiting for. To be notified when they are in stock, add your email address using the big red button on the product page. If it says it is in stock, your in luck, grab one before your luck runs out! Rayne Vendetta longboard