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      Rad In Russia part 2

      Rad In Russia part 2

      The Russian tour is coming to a close and the hangover is very strong. Louis and I have had such an amazing time and by now our blood is about 85% vodka. I still can't believe that skateboarding has taken me to such a different part of the world and allowed me to soak in so much culture and meet many awesome people. 


      After our stay in St Petersburg we headed back to Moscow to link up with more skate crew, visit some shops and party with the locals. Right off the train the first stop was Boardriders skate shop at Avia park to give the local skaters a brief history of Sector 9, show off some of the new boards and give some product knowledge to the retailers. The turn out was great, at least 50 people showed up to hang out with Louis and I and score some signed posters and some free Sector 9 swag. Still feeling crusty from the night before we decided to have an 'early' night (about 2am was a solid time to stop drinking) so we could rest up for a mondo day of skateboarding ahead. 


      We arose to another warm and beautiful day in Mother Russia, still frothing on being a tourist and ready to explore the city. Louis and I grabbed our boards and head out into the heart of Moscow. After dodging a few tanks and bears in the road we found a few cool little streets to have a slide session on, snap some shots and stack a few clips. We linked up with some local crew and headed to the weekly skate session which was located at another skiing training ground. This place also featured epic smooth pavement, a couple of nice bends but most importantly a T-bar to tow us back to the top! There were a lot of Rad Russians shredding the hill and frothing to skate with Sector9 so it was our pleasure to add to the stoke and kill some wheels with the crew. 


      The day was still not over as another session had been organized at Gorky park for a cool evening skate on a fun pathway that wound itself down the park. As normal Sector 9 was right on time, but unfortunately so was the rain. We showed up to meet at least 50 skaters there ready to shred but also met with buckets of rain plummeting from the sky soaking absolutely everything! In true skater fashion Louis immediately grabbed his board and said 'you slide better in the rain!' And one by one the crew braved the wet and got down with the skids. It was really awesome to see so many people frothing on Longboarding, but even more amazing to see people step out of their comfort zone and give the rain riding a go for the first time - and steeze it up too!

      Of course a long day of skating is not complete without a long night of partying, our final hurrah with the Russians was an awesome one indeed. We gathered at an outdoor bar, signed a bunch of posters, gave out heaps of swag and drank many bottles of vodka. The vibe at the party was incredibly high, everyone was so stoked to have skated with us, and we were so stoked to be making so many awesome new friends. Although we were feeling the burn tired from the previous days the energy from the crowd kept us alive. We partied hard and for the 3rd time this trip we got to see the sunrise... Stoked. thumb_IMG_5770_1024

      Although the Russian trip has come to an end our adventures are still not over. Louis and I are flying to Europe to link up with James Kelly and Jimmy Riha to commence a 2 week journey through Germany, Switzerland and Austria for the #NoRaceJustSkate tour. We will be visiting a bunch more shops along the way to link up with the skater communities and also will be attending the Gioasteka Freeride in San Bernadino, Swizterland and the Bella Joyride in  Bad Eisenkappel, Austria. 

      Thank you Mother Russia for showing Sector9 such an amazing time. The people we met were so friendly and hospitable we could not be any more stoked to have met them! Big thanks to Capital Distribution and Trajectory Boardshop for making this adventure happen. Mondo thanks to our tour guides Constantine and Alex, you guys are the raddest Russians ever, and we are looking forward to another visit. 

      Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 8.05.24 PM