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      All Moss'd Out race report

      All Moss'd Out race report

      mossd1 All Moss'd Out, was run and won on Monday. If you were not there, it was a great day and we only got a little bit wet. Here is the big grom myth about the rain: It is not more dangerous, it is just different. You'll have more fun, and it helps your freeride/slide technique. In an interview with Api in 2009 and he said this about his progression:

      I thought sliding was impossible, it wasn't until one day I was out skating and the road was wet, I tried a 180 in the rain and my board did it then it pulled back to normal and there was my first pendulum. Once I got that down I learnt a bunch of slides and variations, like colemans, 360s, stand up 180s and some switch slides.

      Back to Moss'd out. It rained all morning, roads were soaked, volunteers got wet but were stoked. All Moss'd out is held on a sweet hill in Mosman/Clifton Gardens. The locals and residents were chill, no one called the police. The ranger came for a drive by and a look, and was happy. The hill starts with a small hand hand sweep and then into a left hairpin (not that intense more of a dogleg) Another steep hill in to a right hand corner, into a hill that goes to the most intense corner, a real hairpin to the finish.  One of the great features of the course is a series of steps and pathways that take you all the way to the top in a direct line, you don't have to walk back up the road to the start.

      Central Coast represent! Central Coast represent!

      With rain on the whole road, the course went from hard to challenging. A few things happen when it rains to change a race. The speed and the racing slows down, which suits the inexperienced. Sandbagging becomes easier and more effective. Why? It becomes more effective because the competitive racers will push themselves into the corners, take more risks and crash more often. (Sandbagging is the art of starting behind the leaders, drafting or waiting for a mistake: aka doin a Bradbury). Steven Bradbury is the Australian Patron Saint of Sandbagging.

      mossd6 Racing was a series of three rounds, everyone racing each other for points to sort out the places for the final racing. Everyone moved through tot eh final tree. It was a standard tree of racing - 4 racers per race. 1st and 2nd progress to the next round. Finals and placings were: 1st Robdog 2nd Matty Rae 3rd Callum 4th Jake It was great seeing all the skaters traveling from Bathurst, Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong. I was disappointed that Sydney crews were not well represented, a lot of missing faces. Some of the more experienced skaters don't like to get wet anymore. Big thumbs up to Maga, Ned and Ashley for all racing on the day,  and we did have a girls final which was won by Ashley!

      The reason you go to outlaw race events You don't have to race. You can enjoy the day by, watching the racing, or getting involved and volunteering. Nick Gibbons, Rohan, Bredon and Hugh did that. They marshaled the course, did car spotting. Nick, with random help from a few groms, on the finishline was awesome. Trav managed the startline with his usual bravado. Big thank you to those guys. Rob McWhinnie organises a lot of these outlaws. It helps support our scene, and they are also community fundraisers. Money raised goes to ASRA and also to help support Rob and Maga traveling to World Cup events. It is more than just racing, they are learning and social events. Rob goes through course with all the skaters. He was giving advice on how to skate the last corner of the event, that is experience you can not get watching online videos. Skaters travel to these events, you'll met people from all over, who might invite you to skate some of their local hills one day. PLUS you get fed! Rob is a chef, he provides food for all his events. At Pumpstation there was Minestrone soup, at Moss'd Out it was freshly made ham and salad sandwiches. At Deep End on Saturday it will be sandwiches again, and Mt Keira on Sunday will be a BBQ.

      Hop's tips for wet weather events If you are coming to watch or volunteer, go get a rain poncho from the $2 shop. They usually have them, they are about $2 to $4. They'll keep you dry without having to wear heavy rain gear all day. If you racing and are worried about your board, then a few things at the end of the day's racing, will help your deck live to fight another day. Wipe it down, get all the moisture off. Turn your board upside down and spin each wheel, in a dry place, for about 2 to 5 minutes on each wheel. This will remove all the water out of your bearings, dry them out, stop them seizing up over night. You'll have to do it straight away, so on the train or bus on the way home or in the garage at home. If you have any other tips, post them up on our Facebook page or in the comments below. When are the next events? Deep End is on this Saturday 29th June Keira Kaos is on this Sunday 30th June I'll see you all there! (please note I just changed the dates, I got them wrong)

      Finishline and rego tent Finishline and rego tent

      Last hairpin Last hairpin

      mossd5 mossd4 mossd2