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Jacko chats with Lou on the NCDH

Jacko chats with Lou on the NCDH


Over the past weekend (18th/19th April) in the USA, North Carolina hosted its first ever sanctioned downhill race. Racing has been big in the states for some years now with major events in California and Colorado, but there are some skate scenes in the USA that are ready to burst at the seams. The North Carolina Down Hill event, presented by the Human Powered Transportation Club and the Ian Tilmann Foundation was held at Mt Jefferson state park, consisted of a fast race track with hairpin turns, speeds of up to 90km/h and attracted some big names from North America such as Kevin Reimer and Louis Pilloni (Sector 9). After a solid day of practicing in the dry the heavens opened up and tested every rider's skill on a soaked track for race day. Tactics and race setups would have to change to suit the conditions. In the end K-Rimes proved his Canadian wet-riding skills as superior by taking the win with a commanding lead. Louis managed to snag 3rd place after battling with East Coast young-gun Ed Kiefer who took 2nd followed by Josh Rolf (Munkae Trucks) in 4th. Jacko caught up with Louis this week to ask find out more about his time at the race and the set-up he uses.

Jacko: whats your setup for the dry and what do u change for the wet?

Louis: I ride the Sector 9 Arrow with Gullwing Reverse, R.A.D. Wheels, and RDVX Griptape. Besides putting on rain wheels, my setup doesn't really change once it gets wet.

Jacko: What RADs did u use for rain wheels and how did u cut them?

Louis: I used the same wheels Josh Rolf used. He cut up a couple sets of 78a R.A.D. Releases with 3 sets of deep grooves. The deep grooves really came in handy considering how much water was on the road.

Jacko: How did you rate the race track?

Louis: It was a great race track that required a variety of skill. It has 3 hairpins, big sweepers, chicanes, and a fast straightaway (46mph-50mph) but also extremely friendly to ride in a pack. Of course I really like the corners, hairpins are always fun. Jacko: anything new and exciting coming from NC? more races?

Louis: Everything is new and exciting in NC. The State Park (who helped secured the event permits) are extremely excited on the event and want to bring it back. North Carolina defiantly has a lot of sick hills. Here is the footage of the finals filmed by Big Lou. Kevin Riemer takes 1st, Ed Kiefer 2nd, Louis 3rd and Josh Rolf 4th.

Final Heat: North Carolina Downhill at Mount Jefferson from on Vimeo.

NZ Tour 2012: man down in a game changing crash

Words by Yatesy DAY 5 How to put this. best place ever. Yeah Julia for hookin us up with the hell pad. such a comfy base called home even if it was for a few days, ur home was ours and we treated it as such!! Journey north to Ruapehu. what a day. the crew hit the road early with the kitchen a cookin in town of wellington. best bakery pie and sanga combo ever and a quick stop over for the boys to get rugged up at campers paradise before the journey to Mordor! Best way to describe the trip is one of Gabes earlier photos. A to B on NZ roads- allow more time. We certainly took the long way and that was no more pronounced than the drive that took us through Rimutaka Mountain Pass. Wet as hell, bendy as and just as tight as a rich man's wallet. A lil too gnar to turn wheels so enjoy we did from the comfort of the IMAX. Man this truly was the country of Hobbits eh. Furns, Waterfalls and all things mondo kuzzi styles. All we needed was a few Kiwis and Moa's to be shreddin the shit with us. Co pilot for the journey Benbro and I felt the need to share the stoke with a Tui or two. oioi! Ok so now we'd been driving for the best part of 6 hours and all everyone wanted to do was turn wheels and get hella pitted on Mt Ruapehu. Stopped at a gas station to fill up and get our munch on as its been a SAFE journey as always. Can never be too safe eh. Especially on roads your unfamiliar with. I asked the Luvvi at the gas station what the mountain was doin. her reply was " see that cloud au, its behind there and blowing like mad bro" haaaaaa. again. too much chur bro kuzzzi tafe eh!! Anyways, full of treats but slightly devod we journeyed into the sun of the afternoon to look upon Mordor and its heavy clouds. booooooo. Benbro was shattered. I was too. I'm sure just quietly everyone wanted to see all its glory, not hidden behind the weather. Turn right into the Whakapapa Village and Mordor was there in all her glory. Still she had a cover of cloud on the lid but the landscape was that of the moon. Rocks and nothing but lumps and bumps. So to the road. Butter pavement again and NO straights, just mondo turn after hectic hell super grip fun as f&ck turns yo!! Thing I've been leaving out is the wind! Try in the ball park of 50-60knt ( 120-130k/p/h) and blowing down her tight tidy curves. After a few runs down with the boys, Gabe, Benbro, Jack, Bondi, Myself and Luca all had our jedus running full tilt. Nothing sets off the flow than skidding down one of the most epic roads in the world with a tailwind of 120kms?? CRAZY??? Stayed at the top of Ruapehu in some dorms that Bodhi and Speedy hooked up. Mate, hats off to u two. U really got the Crew sorted in some hell accommodation. Anyone thinking of N-tense D-centz tour for 2013, DO IT. GET ER DONE EH!!!! these boys run it proper. Hell feed cook up by Kuzzi Ash, rounds of beer pong and some beats, need less to say it was good times! DAY 6 --- DAY 1 of the N-tense D-centz It was to be an early rise with the excitement of a whole day of sk8in Mt Ruapehu. the whole crew were buzzing. the conditions were sunny and dry but still hella windy. Not the intensity of the previous afternoon but the gusts were still ferocious none the less. A quick bite to eat and a stretch and punters were getting stoked and it wasn't long before the call was made. Speedy got us into gear and Bodhi warmed the bus. Here it was, Day 1 of the tour and what a place to be. Standing with all ya buddies on top of a volcano, stoked on the ride ahead. An unfortunate turn of events was just around the next bend, literally. As I stated earlier, the gusts were violent and the unpredictable nature of them was to be the undoing of my brother, a true soldier, Jacko Shapiera. As he puts it, he was coming into the top section not really feeling it. He didn't feel comfortable and as he took a long sweeping left turn, a violent gust held him off his apex and forced him to put it into a slide with no chance of controlling the apex and eventually drifting into oncoming traffic. Lucky for Jack that the driver had seen the events unfolding on the road in front and slowed nearly to a stop, minimising impact. I was around 150 metres behind and didn't see the impact but to come around the bend to see ya wingman looking back at ya - words were not needed here to know how he was feeling and the unfortunate result of the accident. A true professional as always, Jacko controlled himself in a manner that was a lil un-natural. He was calm. Portraying himself as a professional, even under these unforgiving circumstances. The 1st response team for the mountain were quick in getting a splint on and the particular things they do in an emergency. They called St Johns and he was off to hospital for x-rays and a cast. This wasn't the final trip for the man today. A total of 3 and a half hours in the back of ambulances, 15mgs of morphine and 4 bottles of what the docs call " jungle juice" and we were at Hamilton and Waikato Hospital. After being emitted into the E and A, Jack went in for surgery to re-correct a sever compound fracture to the Tibia/Fibia bones of his right lower leg. I cannot begin to describe the emotion that we shared on the way to the hospital. Words sometimes are just for those involved. I will say, I love Jacko like a brother, he's like blood. Kindred. This was to be a massive year for Jackson Shapiera and to have it all taken away in one powerful stroke from the hand of god just seems cruel. There must be different plan for Jacko this year. Whatever it may be I'm sure it will be GREAT and to say that Jacko will be a serious contender when he gets back from rehabilitation is a warning to the world. This guy does things right and usually gets what he wants. Bro, anything, anytime. U holla at ya wingman eh! Open letter from Rob and Maga McWhinnie to Jacko Maga: Accidents are going to happen, its all part of the sport and the risky life style we live. It could happen to you or the person you love the most. Jacko my friend, you are probably surprised and devo'd, from my experience I can tell you time flies, if you keep yourself busy and open to opportunities, wounds heal if you give them the right care and when some doors close many others open for more positive adventures. Acostambo got Rob and me closer and we had the trip of a life time, Rob became a talented filmmaker, I started skating and fell in love with the speed and adventure and we realized that accidents are part of sport but also part of our life. If we decide to learn from them, we could get many other fantastic adventures and grow up in life. Experiences are the direct way to learn and make us wise. love ya jackson, Maga Rob: Jackbro, I'm shocked and still coming to terms with what you've done, I logged online last night to upload a video about returning to Acostambo, where I destroyed my leg years ago and found that you too had destroyed yours, funny timing, I hope you watch the movie and see my perspective, how things like this make and create us and direct our lives. A huge thanks to the rest of the team that helped you to hospital and gave you support when you needed it. I'm sure all of you are a bit rattled by the events and I think a team safety meeting is in order to recap and rethink the year ahead. Jacko you will be dearly missed from Kiera and Newtons. you are our coach and leader and I hope your continue to inspire us and push us to be better riders. See you home soon bro, Rob

Hopkin Christmas sticker mail out

Instead of a Christmas card this year, we are sending STICKERS to all our wonderful customers! If you were a Hopshop customer this year, thank you, you made 2011 the best year ever. We loved seeing you in the skateshop, at the events, talking online and generally being part of the Australian skateboard community.


We have collected over $100,000 worth of skate stickers from all your favourite brands. We are mailing out to our top 3000 customers over 20,000 stickers!! First 1000 envelopes were mailed out a couple of days ago, if you have received mail, you are one of the top Hopshop customers. Not everyone is going to get stickers, we had to make a few rules. You had to have ordered something in 2011, and for logistic reasons, the cut off was the end of November. We sorted customers by their total orders, so if you only ordered bushings this year, you probably missed out. You had to have a Hopshop account or ordered online, it is only these customers that we know who you are and your address. That's why it is so important to have a Hopshop account ... you know it is free. HUGE thank you to the brands that helped us share the stoke this Christmas. It sounds simple but it has been a huge effort getting organised. Stickers have been arriving months in advance, and they have been hidden in the Hopshop waiting for mail out time. There is also a real cost to all the skate companies that participate. PLEASE give them a huge shout out. I have provided below all their social contacts. Like them, friend them, send them a thank you. We want this to be an annual event, if you share the stoke, they will see the value in doing it all again. Big thank you to the elves in the Hopshop that stuffed envelopes: Caspian, Harrison, Josh. Also the family insider help from Veronique and Lisa. Special mention to the distributors: John and Christine at JHS and Co, Peter at Goliath, Glenn at Black Box.


Caliber Trucks Caliber on Facebook or Find them on the web Give em lots of love, they were very generous. Loaded Boards Our friends at Loaded and Orangatang are always first to join an event to stoke skaters in a major way, they send a slab of stickers!! Big moon hugs to Loaded - you can squeeze their face or grab their tweets or watch the vids Rayne longboards Always a favourite in the skateshop, and they love you very much with thousands of stickers. You can return that love on the face or tickling their twitter or watching their moves Sector 9 Shout out to the Sector 9 Australia team, you rocked Australia with a suitcase of stickers. Show em that they are not too big for a hug, pinch em on the tweeter or stalk em on facebook or just be a voyeur. If it wasn't for these blokes, Jackson would not be Number Two in the world !! (IGSA World Cup rankings) Heelside Magazine Your favorite Australian skateboard magazine. They are original, creative, bold and crazy. They deliver you something your mum does not understand and probably does not approve of, so let them know their hard work is appreciated. Get social on their arse. Or a quick little spray.  You must subscribe for them to survive. ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association They are the only REAL skateboard association in Australia. Real members, elected board, community inspired and skateboarders looking after skateboarding. So who is fake? SbA or Skateboard Australia are a $2 event company. The sham is our tax money is funding a private skateboard company. No elected officials. No accountability. Hundreds of thousands of dollars siphoned off with our Government's approval. They know the facts, and continue to waste your money. WE NEED TO GET MAD. Join ASRA. Even better become a financial member, it makes ASRA stronger and SbA look stupider. Time magazine has made the Protester the person of the year. You can make a difference. You can change the world. You can create the world you want to live in. No generation in history has more power at their fingertips than you. Protest. Talk. Yell. Scream. Skate. Create. Dream. Then take small steps to make it happen. Contact your elected politician or senator. Tell them to stop wasting our money and take skateboarding seriously. Then get your mum, dad and all the family to do the same thing. If you use twitter, so do they. Fallen Shoes Some of the raddest skate stickers you'll find on the planet. I did not scan every sticker that went out. If you got something different, post a pic. On the Fbook or on the inter webbie thing, they probably dont want to know you like them, they're too cool for school. And are core = only little boards here (they're easier to carry). Early Skateboards The OG crew on the Goldie, designing boards for Australia. Twitter or FB or web Fibretec: Swiss made dream machines. They are fine like a piece of ... art. 50 stickers were add into the mix. Vicious Griptape: Sent 50 special decals to stoke, if you got one, your lucky. If you have their tape on your deck your even luckier...and probably dont have any fingerprints. Bombsquad, Ladera, Dekline and Slippery Dip all contributed some special stickers. Thank you to everyone who is apart of the Australian skateboard/longboard scene. Lets do it all again next year. We promise the Hopshop will be bigger and better in 2012. We hope you will be a part it. Live life ... skate every day. PS: We send out stuckers to our bro's in New Zealand. We  love our cousins across the ditch too! TWITTER USERS We are using #hopkinstickers  

Landyachtz interview with Ryan and Mike

We ask the questions you want answered The 2010 Landyachtz range is speeding it way to Australia, available in the next month at all good skateshops. What started out with Hop asking questions about the new range has turned into an interview with Ryan Theobald and Mike McGoldrick...and a cast of thousands. Sit back, grab a cold drink, and enjoy.

Ryan Theobald Interview

Hop: The Drop Speed disappeared at the end of 2009 fairly quick. There was a lot of talk it was getting redesigned. Has anything changed on the shape? Different concave? Improvements on the shape? Or just cosmetic with a new graphic?

Landyachtz: Our original intention was to replace the Drop Speed with the Nine Two Five. Once we finalised the 9-two-5 shape we decided that they are pretty different boards and having both in the line was a good idea. No changes to it, just the new graphic.

Hop: There has always been a bit of talk around about the flex on the Drop Carve I have heard skaters say they have seen super flexy versions with LY crew and riders. Has the flex been modified in 2010?

Landyachtz: We started with the ultra super flexy version. We tested a ton of different stiffness prototypes, and everyone here loved the super soft feel. Bouncing the board off the ground while carving hard and ripping around was a blast. We had never done a board that soft before, so we went for it. People weren't as stoked as we were about bouncing off the ground, and it didn't work for guys over 200 pounds (90kg) at all. So we stiffened it up. Most of the guys at the shop with a drop carve still ride the nice gooey ones.

Hop: Dually has disappeared from Landyachtz website, is this deck gone or in re-design or in graphic update?

Landyachtz: The dually proved to be too big. There just wasn't the demand to warrant pressing another batch, so it's been axed, for now. We're keeping track of how many people are still interested, we'll see what happens. (Hop's note: It never came back)

Hop: Does Landyachtz have a list of credits for the artists or contributors to your graphics?

Landyachtz: We do, we'll publish it on our website soon. We're really stoked on the graphics this year, some of the major contributors are Jeral Tidwell, Gord Bruce, Ewok, Nathan Wilson and in house here, Tom Edstrand (Meatball) and Greg Nicholls have done a lot themselves. We will likely be seeing some work from Chili Thom as well, who has done several graphics for us in the past. All of these guys are great, we couldn't be more stoked to have them all be a part of the 2010 line.

Hop: There definitely seems to be a ocean/aqua/fish theme on the new graphics. Has this been done on purpose? Is there a single artist influencing the whole range? If you have the whole range in your quiver can it be called a landyachtz aquarium?

Landyachtz: You know, I just noticed that. We've been talking about putting a Chinook Salmon on the Chinook for years, Nathan Wilson came through huge there. The Drop Speed killer whales came from Greg Nicholls in the shop here, his design took influence from traditional Pacific North West art. Once we get a few major graphic concepts or ideas, Tom and Greg will show them around and tweak them until most of us are stoked. You can never please everyone. I think the fish and birds are another extension of being from Vancouver. Most of us are closely tied to an outdoor active life style, that creates a big bond with nature, without really thinking about it.

Hop: Is the Evo getting a graphic change in 2010?

Landyachtz: Yes, it's a bad ass sugar skull style design by Jeral Tidwell. His work is some of my favorite, check him out at Human Tree

Hop: Any race team decks in prototype? A Scoot model? Team Green model?

Landyachtz: Besides the foam core, Carbon Fiber 9-two-5 and Switch Blade, nothing.

Hop: Any news on the Switch Blade?

Landyachtz: We were aiming to release the Switchblade or the beginning of the 2010 season, but we've gone through more prototype stages than we anticipated. Rather than rush the product out in its current state we figured we'd take the time to refine the shape and make the board the best it can be. Its nearly there, and everyone here is very stoked on the current prototype. The Carbon foam core version should be available in a few weeks. Once that's nailed, we'll get the bamboo version rolling.

Mike McGoldrick Interview

Hop: How long was the prototype period for the Nine Two Five and how many different versions did you do?

Mike: I can not remember exactly how many but there were about 6 different versions made. The last proto had a large cut out with multiple holes for the base plate so we could play with the wheel base and get it perfect. During the prototype process we experimented with different concave, rocker, widths and lengths. Tweaking the nose and tail areas was a huge focus for us. We wanted to give maximum foot room while still keeping the wheelbase as short as possible. I feel like this is an overlooked part of most drop through boards and is the real design flaw in a lot of boards. Working with the designers and board builders at Landyachtz we came up with something that really is the best of both worlds, they managed to slam the trucks back into the riding platform while adding more material around the truck to give strength. At the end of it all we came out with something that we are all super happy with.

Hop: Did you have a big influence on the graphic? Does it have a meaning,can skaters read anything into it?

Mike: To be totally honest with everyone I had very little to do with the design process of the graphic. I had been working on something else for the board when Greg Nicholls showed me some stuff he was working on. I basically lost my shit when I saw his work. It took me all of 1 second to decide on the graphic. It's super quirky, random and really played into my sense of humour. I am into cut and paste style graphics with multiple layers right now so he pretty much nailed it for me. Can skaters read anything in to it? I guess that depends how deep you want to get and what meaning you want to take out of it. To be super literal I enjoy that style of design right now and when no one is watching I have a secret fetish for very dry books on economics, business and global politics. I have also download lectures and debates on the same topics. I am a nerd, so the business theme kinda works on that level also. All that aside, I just thought it was awesome, so me and Greg hi fived on it, and it was decided.

Hop: There is rocker in your new board, I'm a huge fan of rocker, it featured in a lot of old school boards I use to skate, is that where you got your influence to put rocker in your board?

Mike: I don't come from an old school skate back round, about 12 years ago I got an element Vert deck and put soft wheels on it and started bombing hills in West Vancouver. I skated bowls and banks but that is the extent of my "old school" influence. The rocker is something I have wanted in a board for a long time. The rocker has a two part job; Locking you in to the board, And aligning your legs and knees for better power transfer and stability. I have been on the production version for a few months now and the rocker feels so natural to me now, I am not sure I will ever go back.

Hop: This deck has a new type of concave, gas pedal/wedge down the side. How does that come into play when a skater is freeriding?

Mike: The gas pedals are something I have been rambling on about for years. I use to make them out of hot glue and shape the glue with ice cubes. I will go out on a limb and say that 90% of people hang their heel or toe off the side of their board when free-riding so I wanted something to stand on when we did. The gas pedal is new and its cool to be the first to implement it in to our board design, I think that in the future we will see it on a lot of boards.

Hop: A lot of new longboarders will be looking at this deck carefully. Maybe it will be their first deck, getting into downhill and freeride. Most want to know if this deck is a good beginners deck or is it more for an experienced longboarder? Will the design help them master different types of sliding and cornering?

Mike: I hope they look at the deck carefully as there is a lot to look at. The builders and myself picked apart every element of the board and tweaked it until we were happy. Once the board is pressed with symmetrical W concave, it gets CNC cut, 3 router passes to get the shape we want on the nose, tail, wheel wells and the wedges. Then they get seamlessly blended by hand. Making the board is a very complicated process, but we all feel that it is worth the trouble, the product that comes out, is something to be very proud of. I don't think that this board is something for experts or beginners only, good design just works. Any rider who rides the board will benefit from all the features. The Free-ride movement is a pretty new thing to to the longboard and is constantly evolving. Right now there are two big trends in free-riding. The first being slower speed tech stuff like shove-its, stand up pendys and slashing. The extended foot platform and wedges help pop and stomp the tech stuff. The second trend is the amplitude, over the last year the speed of free-riding has gone through the roof. The added length (.75") of the wheel base gives a little extra stability at higher speeds and helps lock in big, fast and scary speed checks and lets the rider have more control to drift through corners, as apposed to doing a revert before it. I feel that anyone who rides the board will get some use out of all the features. I really wanted one board for DH and free-ride. As long as the rider wants to get in to the downhill side of longboarding then this deck will meet their needs whether they are a beginner, expert or racer.

Hop: What is your favourite set up for your new board (ie trucks wheels bushings)

Mike: Well going back to the one board idea, the Bear trucks have been re designed and I am currently on the prototypes. The hanger has a "step-up " design giving the truck a constant turn and eliminated any dead spot when the truck is at center. The hangers can still be flipped to give positive of negative leverage on the bushings giving greater or less torque depending on how they are set up. The bushing seats have zero play with the bushing and has an ovalised lip to let the bushing perform as it was designed. I have mine set up with stock Pumpkin bushings on the bottom and yellow Venoms on the top. As for wheels, I am really stoked on the new Zombies right now. They rule. The thane in them is butter smooth at speeds. When doing some faster slides on other wheels, you can heat up the wheel and it starts to melt and get slipy. The zombies don't gloss over during big slides. I am also really feeling the stone ground finish as the wheel performs right away and is constant through the wear.

Hop: Anything else we forgot?

Mike: Yea I just want a chance to give some credit where it is due. Everyone asks me all these questions about the board and I don't want to take all the credit. Landyachtz has an extremely talented group of board builders and designers, and an equally talented skate team. Larry, Sean M and Mike P were a huge help to get my ideas built into deck. Once we had the prototypes made they were put to the test under the feet of some thrashers like Wolf Coleman and Dylan. Long story short it may be my design but it was a huge process involving a lot of talented people. Without the recourses and talent that we have access to at landyachtz this board would still be just an idea. Thank you.

Huge big thank you to Ryan and Mike for taking the time to answer all my questions

This interview was originally published in the Hopshop newsletter, send out to subscribers. It was also put on teh original Hopkin Skate Blog. We have kept it online for historical purposes, and the Nine Two Five deck is still made, so it is still relevant.  

Vale Anton Fricker

Sad news my friends. Anthony Fricker (aka SkateAustralia) died on Friday night skating on the Gold Coast. The loss has been felt throughout the ASRA community, Queensland longboarders and the Australian's travelling on the IGSA tour in Europe. On Saturday's qualifying at the IGSA Padova World Cup race, the Australian's wore black arm bands in remembrance. On Friday night, Anton was finishing a downhill session with a friend. At the bottom of the hill, the two skaters have accidently collided, Anton has fallen from his board with his head making contact with the road. He was wearing a helmet, there were no cars involved, it appears to be a tragic accident. Emergency services were called, and Anton was rushed to hospital and under went emergency neurosurgery. Medical staff said later it would have been instantaneous and he did not suffer. His life support was switched off on Saturday, after friends and family had said their goodbyes. It has been a very hard weekend for the Australian longboarding community. I am sad that I will not see my friend behind his camera at another ASRA event. Amongst our young skaters, it is the first close friend that has died. Many of them feeling emotions they have never felt before. There is a tribute thread on the ASRA forums. Anton was such an amazing guy. I remember the first time I heard about him. Jackson told me about this film crew doing a longboarding movie. Jackson was planning to travel them, showing them some local skate spots, help with the production. At Master of the Hill, Anton and his crew were there. They captured film in slow motion of the finish line. Whenever there was a photo finish, everyone would huddle around he's small view screen and watch the finish with howls of emotion as we saw how close some of those finishes were. Anton was always looking for a different camera angle. Sometimes it was like he was playing a prank. He would be laughing while lifting one of the guys into a tree to get that camera angle. He did a bit of filming in the Hopshop, and conducted interviews there for his movie. We had the chance to sit down and talk about what direction he wanted to take with his filming and career. It struck me about how focused he was, and he really knew what direction he was going. Sometimes people can get caught up in the creative process, Anton had the ability to step back and see the big picture. Anton's movie Skate Australia will be finished by his friends. You will see some of his creative work on the next Evolutions DVD. The SkateAustralia team made the Beat The Bastard DVD, which has a trailer on the next Evolutions. We will miss Anton's smile, he positive attitude, his laugh, his vision of longboarding and his brilliant videos. Australia has lost a talented film maker. Jackson and I have lost a friend. My condolences and prayers go out to his family. Anton Fricker 1986 - 2009 SkateAustralia Anton ASRA thread Anton Fricker Anton Fricker