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    Hopkin Skate Blog — Risch

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    Mischo smokes Kevin's bacon - Teutonia race report

    Teutonia 2011 through Jackson Shapiera's eyes: The day is done and a Champion is born. Mischo Erban dominated the race and was crowned 2011 IGSA world champion. Riding the hill for the first time is a scary thing. Getting comfortable on it and trying to gain speed and control is the next step. But racing someone down the hill is a whole new level. Once you hit a certain speed, the power of a draft is amplified so much. Being able to sit in someone's slip stream and time it right means you can boost on past and take the lead, however passing too soon opens up the opportunity for your opponent to get into your draft and pass you back. Finding the right time to make a pass is key, but one of the most difficult things to do while racing on this hill. If you let your opponent get too far ahead at the start and you have no draft, game over. If you make a pass too soon and open up for your opponent down the straight at the end, game over. Its so hard to pick the right time to pass, you have to make decisions quickly and figure it out as you go. Having experience on this hill is important. It really showed that the people who have skated and raced here before are the ones who come out on top. It would be extremely hard for one to just show up for the first time and win (unless your name is Kevin Reimer). The Brazilians who know this hill train so hard to be strong for the race, once you go up against someone who is OG at Teutonia, your day is pretty much over. My first round I was lucky enough to have someone with not much experience on the hill, so I pretty much got a free ticket to round two. The next round I had an amazing race with a local Brazilian. Not sure how many times he has raced here before but he gave me a run for my money! The lead changed 3 times before hitting the sweeper, and I decided to open up coming into the turn to try get into a good position for the straight. After he passed me through the turn I got right back into the draft and as we hit over 100kph, it was like pressing the button for the nitrous, and boom away I went! Unfortunately for me, my qualifying position was not ideal, so the next round I was up against Kevin Reimer. It was so good be on the race track with Kevin again, physically he might not be 100%, but mentally he is in perfect form. This is key for racing this hill. I pretty much didn't stand a chance, his start was much better than mine and he was able to pick a quick line through the first drop to pull away and give me no draft at all. I was unable to keep up with him coming into the steep section so he pretty much just peaced out and owned the place. It was unfortunate that my day was over, but in a way it was good as I was able to sit on the track and watch some amazing racing unfold. Coming into the Semi Finals, it was the same 4 riders as last year: Kevin, Danky, Mischo and Dalua. However this year the positions had swapped. Mischo was facing Kevin, Danky was facing Dalua. Mischo had been in top form all day, he was happy with his ability and technique on the hill and after every run there was the biggest smile on his face. The one who is winning is usually the one having the most fun. Coming into the straight, Mischo had a solid lead on Kevin, he was able to carry his speed and distance all the way to the finish line and claim the first spot in the finals. In the 2nd round of the Semi Finals, Danky was leading Dalua down the final straight. Danky has lots of experience on this hill and knows how to hold a solid tuck. Dalua was so close behind that when he would get a speed boost from the draft, he did not have enough distance to build up momentum to get passed him. Unfortunately for Dalua, he was stuck behind Danky all the way to the finish line and did not make it into the finals. In the finals, Kevin and Dalua were swapping the lead into the final straight and ended up in a drag race, side by side. Kevin was forced onto the left lane and hit the same chunder patch Dalua hit last year in the finals, he broke tuck for a split second and allowed Dalua to take the lead and claim 3rd place. With Mischo against Danky, it was all over before it began. Mischo's skill on the hill was far superior than Danky's on this day, and he was charging way out in front all the way to the finish line. It was such an amazing race to watch, the demand for skill and precision on this track is something I was not expecting. Being a part of this race has really opened my eyes to a new form of racing and I feel privileged to experience it. The day before I rode the hill, I was shitting my pants and afraid of what was to come. The day after the race, I was already so excited to come back for more! Videos from Jackson's mobile Second Semi Final Teutonia 2011 Danky vs DaluaFinal of 2011 IGSA World Championships Teutonia Mischo vs Danky