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Keira Kaos, the epic first Freeride

Keira Kaos, the epic first Freeride

keira kaos


Mt Keira has long been the home to downhill skateboarding here in Sydney, after yesterdays freeride, that feeling is going to live on well into the next generation.

closed road
does it get any better.

the veiw down to the gong. little did they know what was going on up the hills

SONY DSCHow's little Callum looking up to the big guys, little does he know how much they look up to him. Style speed and steeze the micro grom is one to watch.

With over 20 riders taking on the hill for the first time yesterday and over 55 riders in total, it was a massive turnout. gone where the pastel colored short shorts and in with the full face helmets and big wheels. no slides on this hill, its about pushing out hard, dropping your head and gaining speed, grabbing rail tight around corners and mobbing like a boss with ya mates all around you.

quick video from the Sydney based Fang Downhill team.

the walk wasn't ever too long, every one walked up together fueling the stoked for the next run

Kam Kite, team rider here at hopkin and ASRA DH champion, joined Dejan Mustard and myself to spend a lazy sunday afternoon on a shortened but closed Mt Keira, showing the gromets and noobs some simple techniques for finding your apex, railing corners and holding your line.

alright sometimes we used the car.
Gromets riding close.
kam jack
awesome shot from Jonothan Mandl of the boys, Kam, jack and tim hauling ass


With a Championship race approaching on the same course, the day was spent encouraging riders to approach the hill and get ready for battle.


After holding many Outlaw races and slide jams around Sydney and surrounds it was refreshing and almost daunting to turn up to the hill with a bunch of kids waiting with no plan of what to do, so we just skated, the event ran it self, the vibe was relaxed and the riding was real quality. we waited for the road to be cleared and just bombed it, walked back up and did it again. kam and i had marked the apex line for the noobs to follow and with more and more runs they where hauling by the end.


With close to 60 riders turning up it was a show of how our sport is still growing. im unsure if it was the recent World Cup or the free nature that has drawn kids out of the woodwork to do some fast downhill, ditching the pastel short shorts and rocking the fullface. im stoked, the next gen of Alpha Groms is hungry for faster gnarlier runs and they are ready with style and ease to take em on.





more blood

mmmm             mmmm                  

everyone left with a smile and stoked to have taken on Mt Keira and survived, except for that guy in the middle, he ate shit on the straight and had to go to hospital.

race day will be interesting when this road barrier becomes a feature
taking gromie down for a run taking gromie down for a run



its gonna be awesome, get your mates together and enter as a team, come and watch, cheer every one along and generally get gnarly at Mt Keira. check ASRA or FB for event deets.

big thanks to the volunteers and parents that drove the groms out so they could be apart.

Huge shout out to Fibretec Longboards, Kahalani Trucks, These Wheels, RipTide Bushings, Trojan Gloves and hopkin skate, their support keeps me motivated to hold events and spread the stoke.