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Gabe's Summer of Shred: Zak's house

Hop's note: These are a series of emails I exchanged with Gabe last week, I've put them together, cause they tell a story, and a window into the life of a traveling longboarder. Hop: Gabe, where are you at the moment? Gabe: Currently staying at Zak Maytum's warehouse/minramp/house in Boulder, Colorado. Buffalo Bill is this Saturday and Sunday and tomorrow the locals are going to show us some of their rad hills. I'll write you a blog on what the terrain is like around here, looks like there's some crazy shit! Hop: Zak's warehouse/mini ramp WTF? What's Zak's house like? Gabe: When everyone wakes up I'll open up the huge roller door and get some light in to take a picture, its pretty ghetto but serves its purpose extremely well, you'll see what I mean ;) Also, Marcus Bandy did an interview with me while we were on the Maryhill Freeride trip. Check it out Hop's note: interview is very funny, everyone should click on the link just to see the awesome photos, I'm not going to put them on here. Oh and in case you missed it, Louis made a learning curve video from when I got taken out by some kook bombing on a freeride run [vimeo]23165124[/vimeo] Hop: Did you go out skating, where's the photo? Gabe: Due to the amount of beer drunk last night through Zak's beer bongs. Excalibur and the Electric Wizard [which he made using a fuel pump, a skateboard, two trucks, three wheels and a tube]. We did not get any skating done today. However, I got a pretty rad shot of the minramp/garage. James moved halfway through the panorama shot so he kind of looks like an alien but its still a cool shot. I'm off to grab some chow and get some sleep for tomorrow, Peace.

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