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    Hopshop has been voted one of best skateshop in the world

    Concrete Wave Buyers Guide arrived in the mail today, and inside are the winners of the annual Readers Choice Awards. Hopkin Racing has ranked high in two sections. I would like to thank all our customers that voted for us. You really put the Australian longboard scene on the map. Favourite Online Skate Shop we placed 7th. Favourite Independent Skateshop we placed 3rd!

    New Zealand Tour: Scooters are not too bad if they have motors in them!

    A final blog post from Jackson on the New Zealand tour (we might get one more from Gabe), Waiheke Island is about a 45 minute ferry ride from Auckland, and it is by far one of the most chilled places in New Zealand to hang out on. After the N-Tense D-Centz tour in December 2010, Tony Graves, Wicked-Sauce and myself went over there to hang out with our Bus Driver Bohdie. We had such a great time there chilling on the beach and checking out the scenery that I decided it would be awesome to go visit again after this NZ tour. After the Double Down outlaw, the crew jumped on the Ferry and cruised over to Waiheke to hang out with Bohdie and Dan from Beach Bum Bus tours and skate the hills the island has to offer. We decided it would be a sick idea to hire out scooters for the day, strap our boards on the back and rip around the Island skating hills, however we ended up having so much fun on the scooters we only skated one hill and ended up racing each other around the island on our scooters. The roads on the island arent the smoothest roads, however they are very steep and extremely windy. Riding some of these roads on skateboards can be pretty dangerous as there is a bit of traffic around, but we did manage to find a few gems that were sick to skate on. After a little session on some of the local hills we put the skateboards away and Bohdie led us on a tour around the island checking out the beaches and the awesome scenery. The sun was out and the water was warm, it was just the perfect way to wind up the trip. The vibes you get on the island are rad, everyone is super chilled out and friendly, so being able to cruise around freely and stop everywhere to meet cool people and check everything out was epic. This is a destination to add to any NZ travel itinerary, and definitely cant wait to go back there. Overall the NZ trip was so much fun. Getting a chance to hang out with some rad skaters and cruise around skating epic hills is what we live for, and being able to share that experience with good mate Gabe was even better. There is so much potential for downhill skateboarding in New Zealand, everyone in the country seems to understand skateboarding as they are all open to adventurous activities and just general extreme sports. There are plenty of mountain roads and awesome runs scattered everywhere around the country and we just cant wait to get back there and shred some more gnar.

    New Zealand Tour: Sunrise on a Volcano

    By Jackson Shapiera It has been a long and epic 2 days.
    We packed into a van on Thursday afternoon and head off for Auckland. It was awesome skating in Wellington, the terrain there is so unique and the layout of each suburb creates so many different types of hills to skate on. The most hectic part of it is that most of the epic downhill runs are through the city. You can be bombing down a road for maybe 2 or 3k's going through fast straights and sweeping corners and even hairpin turns, but running through traffic lights and keeping eyes out for side-streets and traffic. They feel like runs you want to ride a solid downhill rig on and hammer at mach 10 but riding through the city gives it a whole new perspective. On the way out of Wellington we stopped at this amazing hill called Paekakariki for a few runs. The scenery on this hill was beautiful. The hill runs along the side of a mountain thats right on the coast. Its fast and really turny, the whole time we were flying down the hill navigating the pavement changes and the steep windy sections but at the same time taking in one of the most amazing views I've seen in a long time. Local shredder Api is really stepping up the game and charging like a warrior. Its been fun to skate with the crew here and to see how they have progressed since last I was here. 
    After Paekakariki, the plan was to travel to a town close to Mt Ruapehu to find somewhere to sleep and get up for some mountain runs first thing in the morning. The reality was, we had so much fun skating the last hill, that we ended up at the bottom of the Mt Ruapehu way past 1am. No where open. So the last resort was to rough it out and sleep in the grass or make some form of bedding arrangement in the van and try get as much sleep as possible. Which for me, unfortunately, didn't work out to well. On the bright side, when the morning sun hit, everyone was keen to get up and get on with the day. Skateboarding down a volcano in that magic hour of first light was just incredible. The layout there is so barren from the active volcano that it has turned its surroundings to just jagged rock and steep slopes, but has one of the most epic, fast and smoothest paved roads New Zealand has to offer running down from just below the peak. Flying down the road at nearly 95ks with the rising sun on our back overlooking a sea of clouds shrouding the valley below the mountain has ticked the list of top 10 most memorable moments of my life. We got at least 8 runs in before the legs said no more and then piled back into the van and continued on to Auckland. When we got here we went and checked out the race hill and had a quick riders meeting to check out what is planned for the Double Down Outlaw. We also got to have a few runs of the hill and skate with some of the local crew. There's a lot of keen longboarders here ready to have a dig for first place, so it will be rad to see how it all pans out on Saturday.

    New Zealand Tour: The gnarliest fine ever

    Email from Jackson: Gabe and Api just copped the gnarliest fine I've ever seen for skateboarding. We were cruising down to the waterfront to grab some coffee and breakfast this morning, and on the way back we started to cross this extremely quiet road to get over to the other footpath. There were no other cars in sight as we crossed the road. About half-way across the road we heard a siren blaring so we crossed as quickly as we can to let any emergency vehicles go past, and then turned around to see an undercover cop car pull up and start having a go. The copper gets out of his car and says "Are you guys looking to get killed or something?" To which we replied, while looking around at the empty street, "What are you talking about? we are just crossing the road, not doing anything wrong". He then proceeded to tell us we were skating recklessly all over the road in front of many cars. I told the copper I was riding on the footpath and he said I'm all good, but then asked for identification from both Gabe and Api. After taking details he then hopped in his car and went through his handbook to find what he could get the boys with. After about 20 mins he got out and handed fines to Api and Gabe for $750 titled "Adult used skateboard recklessly on a road" By far the most ridiculous fine ever in the world.

    New Zealand Tour: wellingtonradsickgnarshredding

    Gabe emails in from Wellington New Zealand... Whoa, two days in Wellington and my legs feel like jelly... We rose from our slumber this morning and took the gnarly mountain cable car up to the tight, hairpin haven that is the botanical gardens of Wellington. The gardens are build on a giant hill and have all sorts of crazy, narrow, steep paths running through them. Some so tight and gnarly we had to buttboard down the mossy, wet, hairpins with the camera equipment in hand, scary shit! Jacko throws down a steezy toeside into a footpath hairpin at Wellington Gardens. After a couple of hours filming at some different spots through the gardens we decided to retreat to the skatehouse and wait for Dave Price and his friend Chris. We drove half an hour out of town to a place called Hunters Hill. The road was closed to cars meaning we had to walk up but the sick butter smooth pavement and rad sweeping corners were worth it every time. Such a great spot for throwing down big standup slides through the sweeping corners and the last toeside hairpin was mega fast and slippery if you tucked into it from up top. Gabe gettin' greasy down Hunters on his chopped S9 Annika We finished the day off with a handful of runs at one of the sickest, flowiest runs I have ever ridden down, we are going back there tomorrow morning to do some filming, look forward to some footage of some of NZ's sickest hills. A big thanks to the Wellington Skatehouse boys Api Ihaia, Max Gordy, Ash Hughes for the rad hospitality and skateboarding.
    Skatehouse shredder Api chilling down by the waterfront Max Gordy lookin' smooth