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How we assemble you board reflects a lot about the character of Hopkin Skate, who we are, and why you should buy from us.

We assemble your board like it was our own.

I know there are some companies that boast of quick assembling, a major US skateshop owner claims he can assemble a Dervish in under 6 minutes. Some of our customers will go 60+kmph on their Dervish, so to rush an assembly not only sounds problematic, but is not very respectful for the product or to the skater. 

Every board we assemble gets the same treatment. You don't have to worry about buy extras, we give them to you for free.


If you buy bearings that do not have built in spacers, like Reds, Mini Logo, Super reds etc, then we add them in for free. Always, that is not an option. We use Bones spacers.


If you order a drop thru complete, we put deck washers under the nuts that tighten on the road side of the deck. Why? We do that for our boards, it is a nice touch, protects the deck and it reflects the pride we put into assembling a board. On some decks, such as the Loaded Icarus, it actually protects the deck graphic. Without the washers, the graphic gets worn away. 


We use quality bolts to assemble your board. It is easy for use to bulk buy generic bolts, they look the same, would you notice the difference? No you wouldn't, but we would. It would save us a few dollars per longboard, but it is not what we use on our longboards, so why should we compromise with your board :-)

We would prefer to use Loaded bolts for all orders, but they are not always available. Most Loaded decks will be assembled with Loaded bolts. If we do not have stock of Loaded, we use Khiro. Skateboards we use Mini Logo bolts.


All Loaded drop thru decks ship with drop thru risers. If it is a complete we use them, if you order a Loaded deck we include them...always. 
If we assemble a drop thru board we use a small riser pad between the top of deck and truck. Loaded Boards get the Loaded riser, other brands we use Khiro.
Depending on the deck, we usually put a thin riser under the trucks on top mount boards. The riser we use is a 0.32 Khiro pad, it just protects the board from the metal baseplate. Does not add any height to the board. If we think the board needs a larger riser pad we will use a Venom or Khiro riser pad, we do not charge for this extra.
We follow the Loaded riser guidelines that they publish for assembling their decks.
We usually use a soft riser that provides some shock absorbing, very rarely we use a hard plastic riser. If you have a preference you can add that to "Hopkin Crew Notes" at checkout.  


All completes are shipped with stickers. If stickers are included in the packaging (such as Hawg wheels), we do not keep the stickers, they are put inside the box we ship your board to you. We have stickers from most deck brands, so one of these is included with a complete. If we have wheel and truck stickers, they are included. All bones bearings come with a sticker.

All the component packaging is included with your complete so you know it was assembled out of the right and the genuine product. You will get the bearing package, all stickers, the box or container the bolts came in.  

If you just hoarde stickers, have a personal need for more, or just want something to trade with at the next freeride, then buy stickers here

Hopkin difference

It is the assembly that makes the difference. We love longboarding, we all like to skate every day at Hopkin, and we look after your board as if it were one we would skate. 

That goes with what we recommend and the advice we give. It is not about trying to sell the most product or having the biggest shop. We have been there, done that, we are now about enjoying longboarding, helping others find the right gear or get into the sport.