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    There is always a lot of discussion online and amongst skaters on the best way to travel with a longboard or skateboard.

    We'll break this topic into longboards and then skateboards. If you just interested in skateboard board bags, scroll down the page.


    Board bags
    There are not many choices in longboard specific board bags. We did do a great Australian product called Bonehunter longboard travel bag, unfortunately they are no longer in production.

    Sector 9 make a few specific board bags. The Field Bag is 52 inches long, designed to be used as a longboard travel bag and also folded up to a backpack.

    The higher end bag is the Lightening 2 bag built more for international travel and has compartments for helmet and also inner board sleeve to protect decks.

    The bad news is that Sector 9 Australia (Billabong) are not stocking these bags, if you want to give them a nudge or let them know you want to buy one in Australia, use their facebook page

    If you have followed Casey Neistat and his longboard adventures, he has complained a lot about his Boosted Board bag. He has been using a bag by Board Bag Co. It might still be in development, you can see casey's first review on this video
    The Boosted Board is 38 inches, so if your board is that size or smaller, this could be a good bag to keep an eye on when it is released.

    If you are traveling, either internationally or domestically, you can check in oversize luggage. Please check with your airline. I did a trip to Gold Coast and need a quick way to transport my longboard. I got an old Sector 9 box from a surf shop. If your local surfshop or skateboard shop ships or receives longboards, they probably have some old boxes they want to get rid of. Simple way to package up the longbaord and check it as oversize luggage.

    The best alternative longboard bag would be a snowboard bag

    Airlines are familiar with snowboard bags, they usually range from 146cm (57 inches) to 170cm long (67 inches). 150cm, is a good size for a board and clothing. Might be best to check out if your board will fit in height wise.  If you want to check out a good range of snowboard bags online, click over to Surfstitch (that link goes to their snowboard bag section).

    If you have an alternative or a brand of board bag you can recommend, please use our contact us page to tell us about it.


    Duffel Bags

    There are now some brands doing duffel bags that allow you to strap a skateboard to the bottom of the bag. Google that, you'll find them. (I'll try to add some recommendations later)


    Backpacks that have straps to place a skateboard vertically on a backpack have been around for a while.

    Most skateboard brands have a decent range. Brands we would recommend are Dakine, Nike, Thrasher, Billabong,

    Nike backpack
    Nike backpack

    Nixon Trail bag



    We don't have any board bags to recommend. A travel tip is the standard rectangular travel bag fits a standard skateboard inside at a diagonal. You can convince your parents it is a divider to separate out two people luggage :-) . If your parents or SO is buying new travel luggage, bring your skatey along to make sure it can ft in...if necessary.


    Can I carry my skateboard on as hand luggage?
    Generally the answer is no. Maximum size for most hand luggage is 55cm. That is 21 inches. Most standard skateboards are 30 inch. If you have a Penny skateboard, I think you could carry that on, best to strap it to a backpack and hide it as you walk on. The answer always varies from airline to airline. Best to call and ask. There is also the situation. if you are a young teenager with a small Penny, I think they will be allowed. if you are a big adult with tattoos and a Fk kooks written on your skateboard - that might be a problem.