Caliber III 10" 44° Raked Raw longboard trucks


Caliber III 10" 44° Raked Raw longboard trucks

New for 2022, Caliber has updated their trucks, making them one of the best on the market. Price is for a set of TWO trucks.

The biggest feature is rake. The Paris truck is the most famous "raked" truck. Rake gives a divey turn, and generally makes the truck feel more lively. The initial turn is slow but then it turns a lot like you are diving into a turn. It is more about the feel of the turn. A rakeless truck has a linear turn. The turn feels faster to start, compared to a raked truck, but progresses the same. So the turn feels the same the whole time you lean into a turn. There is no right or wrong truck in terms of rake, it is purely what a skaters likes. Also see Rake vs Rakeless page

This truck has a shim, it is a plastic insert under the boardside bushing. You can remove the shim and put in tall bushings without affecting the truck geometry. A bigger bushing will give the truck more dimension. Big and soft to create an easier turn or more response, but a harder bushing will restrict the turn when going fast and create more stability.

Rake and Shim are the big features in Cal 3 trucks. They are making models that have neither of those items, if you are not a fan, so you can buy a Cal 3 rakeless with no shim. Other nice additions are custom flat washers and a new hanger design in the rake model. The hanger in the rakeless model is identical to the Caliber 2 but it has 3 stamped on the hanger. If you have the older Calibers, you can swap parts between the trucks. 

Caliber 2 or Caliber 3, they are both amazing trucks, definitely worth the money.

These trucks are 10 inch wide from axle to axle.

  • Newly designed, widened hanger supports for increased strength. Specifically to prevent bending.
  • 45° chamfer for weight reduction. Specifically to offset the weight increase from added hanger material.
  • High strength SCM435 alloy steel kingpins eliminate unwanted kingpin movement.
  • SCM435 alloy steel axles reduce the risk of bending or cracking.
  • Upgraded 96A urethane pivot cups are longer lasting and eliminate pivot slop.
  • Tried and true tombstone hanger design increases strength and rigidity over competitors.
  • Venom 90A High Performance Formula Plug Barrel bushings, designed specifically for Caliber Trucks, eliminate unwanted hanger slop and HPF urethane provides a fast return to center.
  • 10" (184mm) hangar for stability and easier slide initiation.
  • Stamped steel, flat washers for less restriction and improved response.
  • Truck degree is stamped on the bottom surface of the baseplate for easy identification.
  • The 44° baseplate with bushing shim provides the most stability, making them ideal for downhill and fast freeride styles of riding.
  • Removing the baseplate shim allows for the use of tall bushings. This gives the freedom to create more bushing combinations/options without changing truck geometry.
  • Raked hanger provides increased turn and a generally more lively feeling ride.
  • Raked hangar can also be flipped upside down from the stock position. This will turn it into a negative rake truck, for more consistent turns, lower ride height, easier slide initiation and an overall more stable ride. Ideal for fast freeride, downhill and beginners.