Get That Skateboarding Toeside Light Blue tee


Get That Skateboarding Toeside Light Blue tee

** Available sizes: Medium, (Large=sold out), XL and XXL **

While Logo heavy designs are vital to building a brand, Get That wanted to have a closer connection to Downhill Skateboarding. It's simple, they take a photograph, illustrate it, then they put it on something for you to wear. 

They aim to be a staple in Downhill Skateboarding, aim to be a must have item for the local session or the World Tour and  aim to make people stoked with ther designs, core brand idea and media.

Get That Skateboarding keep a close eye on their big supporters. You never know, it could be you on a shirt one day. Now go Get That.

Miles Jones doing a toeside at a local favourite.

Photo by Jack Meyn, illustration by Will Rudlin.

These are Guildan Ultra Cotton tees. The number one selling tee worldwide. Quality is execent, double stitching around the next, and the heavier cotton makes a comfortable fit. Fit guide:

Medium has a waist of 20 inches (50cm) and length of 29 inches (73cm)
XL has a waist of 24 inches (61cm) and length of 31 inches (79cm)
XXL has a waist of 26 inches (66cm) and length of 32 inches (81cm)