Landyachtz Evo 39 Falcon longboard complete


Landyachtz Evo 39 Falcon longboard complete

This board is the symbol of old school downhill.

The Evo has probably won more races than any other board and has four World Series Championships to its credit.  Although this board was designed with racing in mind the shape has become popular for longboarding. The 2" dropped platform keeps your feet locked in and low to the ground while the angles of the nose and tail give you stability and the perfect feel through turns.

Setup:  Bear Grizzly trucks, Monster Hawgs wheels, Bear Spaceball bearings


  • Length: 39"
  • Width: 9.8"
  • Wheelbase: 31.7 - 32.2"
  • Concave Style: Deep cave
  • Plys: 10
  • Construction: Maple
  • Flex Level: Stiff

Who are the four World Series Champions who won on Evos?
I'm happy to stand corrected, but I believe they are:
2005 Thomas Edstrand
2006 Fredrik Lindström
2008 Scott "Scoot" Smith (hat tip to Hop)
2009 Mischo Erban
World Series champion is the racer that has the most points from competing during the whole year.