Pantheon Supersonic LDP Longboard complete


Pantheon Supersonic LDP Longboard complete

The Supersonic can be set up in multiple configurations. All completes ship with Paris 150 V3 trucks in 43/50 degree split, Zealous classic builtin bearings, stainless steel panhead hardware. 

The four completes are:

First setup. is Paris 50/43 trucks with blue 88 McFlys. This is the amazing go to configuration. This will suit everyone. Trucks will be set up with a zero degree rear (unless otherwise specified). This complete will be effortless to pump, be a little playful and fun to carve, a joy to skate and own.

The third set up is Paris 50/43 trucks with white 88 McFlys Pros. This is the fastest McFly configuration. This will suit everyone, but assembled for the discerning skater who wants speed. Trucks will be set up with a zero degree rear (unless otherwise specified). This complete will be effortless to pump, be a little playful and fun to carve, but flat out screaming fast. 

The fourth set up is Paris 50/43 trucks with yellow Boa V3 Hatchlings. This is the racing  configuration or those who want to break speed barriers. The 90mm Hatchlings will roll longer and pump faster. It will not be as playful and carvy. This set up is built for putting in a lot of kilometers. We can also use the softer 74a formula if your roads a bit rougher and you need to absorb some vibrations. This image we are going for this product has black Bear trucks, image is to illustrate what the yellow wheels look like on the board, the item ships with silver Paris trucks 

This board is designed for long distance pushing/pumping using stock trucks and wheels. It is a design on a grand scale.

The deck has been designed around readily available RKP cast trucks. The goal was to create a super high functioning but cost effective setup.

The inherent geometry of Pantheon Supersonic LDP longboard will allow you to run Bear 130mm, 155mm or Paris 150mm standard trucks. You’ll want either the 40 degree (Bear) or 43 degree (Paris) in back, and either the 50 or the 40/43 in front. Both trucks will have a 1.5mm clearance, WITHOUT RISER with the 88 Wheel co 86mm McFly wheels or the Pantheon 92mm Karma.

The deck features a mild camber between the drops and incredibly tight curvature, considering the required curves necessary to make this geometry work. Pantheon has integrated very mild crescent drops in all curvature points (even the down-curve of the de-wedged back end!) on this deck, making them extremely strong. Our concave is mellow, as it should be, so that you’re comfortable no matter what distance you’re skating. But the curves are subtle and strong, and there are no true flat spots on the board anywhere, resulting in superb board feel.

Design Explained

For LDP riders looking to pump, a classic wedge front, de-wedge rear setup is a must. You want high degree turning in front and a nice low degree solid back end to throw your weight off of and create power. For the Supersonic, the built-in angles provide a ton of riding options. Riders will have a blast dialing in this setup and even changing it around for different riding styles.

The front of the Supersonic mounts at a positive 15 degrees. That means that a Bear or Paris 50 degree truck will run at 65 degrees. A quite high starting place for sure, but a high degree front with soft bushings will pump super easily. It will also result in a more front-weighted pump on your LDP longboard. If you’re looking to dial it down a little, a truck in the 40-45 degree range will be a little more forgiving for all-out pushing speeds, while still netting a high angle around 55-60 degrees for efficient pumping.

The rear of the Supersonic is where even more options come into play. There are two mounting options.
The inner mounting holes are on the rise from the deck (see image below). The RKP truck is flipped. When the truck is flipped at this angle it is a zero degree rear option and incredibly stable for high speed pushing. It is also effective for top-end speeds in pumping, although more effort will be required. 

The second rear mounting option (see image below) is the back mount. 

On the back mount, the RKP truck is standard with kingpin facing backwards. The angle for the truck is -17. Mounting a 43 degree Paris would net a 26 degree truck. The board is easier to pump in the configuration but not as fast. The deck flexes back a small amount of energy, which makes is more fun and playful. 

How to set up a Supersonic deck

As a complete, there are three truck options for the Supersonic. The deck has been designed specifically with Bear Trucks or Paris Trucks in mind. You can certainly use whatever setup you want. Setting up outside of our recommended setups may require risers or angled risers. This will depend on your truck choice and the angles of your baseplate. You’ll want to consider your wheel choice in correspondence with your trucks to keep your setup from getting bite.

A standard 50 degree front is your safest choice. With the 50 degree front (Paris or Bear), you cannot get bite with 86mm McFly, 90mm Boa Hatchlings or 92mm Pantheon Karma wheels. This is as long as you have a stock cupped washer in the board-side position of your bushings. Once you start bringing down that front degree, wheelbite can start coming into play for the larger wheel option. This can be easily mitigated with risers and/or bushing and washer modifications.

We recommend 50 degree front trucks for most riders using the Supersonic LDP longboard for long distance riding and pumping. This will push the pump power toward the front of the board and make pumping more effortless.

For a rear truck we recommend the Paris 43 or Bear 40. At the inner rear mounts this will give you are near zero back truck.

For riders looking to max our their top speed, dropping the front angle may be considered. This can be combined with zeroing out the rear truck angle. Ultimately, between riding a 50 front or a 43/40 front for maximum pumping speed will come down to riding style. It is worth noting that a the lower degree front does feel a little more stable when pushing absolute maximum speed. Riders just looking to leisurely cover large distances will appreciate the efficiency of the higher degree front end.

Difference between Paris and Bear trucks

First off, there are some differences in size and baseplates. Bear trucks have a 130mm option and their lower truck angle is 40 degree. 

The comparison summary is the Bear Trucks are a little bit more stable for all-out pushing. The Paris are a little more effortless to pump. 

The Bears are more stable at speed because of its insert bushing and the more restrictive bushing seat. While this is great for straight-on pushing, most riders will prefer the more open free-flowing center feel of the Paris Trucks.