Rocket Domination downhill longboard


Rocket Domination downhill longboard

The Domination was developed in 2014 with Rocket Longboards team rider Dominic Schenk. Every year the board is refined.

The Domination deck features six layers of SFI-certified maple sandwiched between three layers of carbon fiber sheets to provide a solid and stiff platform for high speed skateboarding and slides. It weighs 2,05 kg.

You think there is a lot going on with this board but it is remarkably comfortable. All the features make reference points for your feet when skating, they are subtle and super clever.

A 0.39” spoon micro drop together with a w-concave generates a pocket to lock your front foot.

The board has a continuous concave in the area of the micro drop. The micro drop is compensated with a slight rocker at the back of the board. Your back foot is also locked while tucking, thanks to the combination of the w-concave, the rocker and the full concave of 0.59”.

The flat 3D kick tail and the mini gas pedals complete this board and make it the perfect all-purpose tool.

This is a full size deck that suits standard trucks and wheels. At 9.84 inches wide, the deck can use Caliber 184mm trucks, 70mm to 76mm wheels - grippy or freeridey. 

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35.82” / 91 cm


9.84” / 25 cm


22” – 25.2” / 56 – 64 cm


0.59” / 15 mm


0.39” / 10 mm


SFI-certified Canadian maple, Carbon fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet