Rocket Essence downhill freeride longboard


Rocket Essence downhill freeride longboard

The Essence is a compact downhill and freeride board.

So many features concentrated in just 33.77” of length.

Since it has pressed-in flush drops, the trucks can be mounted into the rocker without changing their angles. Therefore, you can stand almost directly above the trucks along with having another guide for your foot.

Having a deep rocker with a w-concave between your feet, as well as flares in the area of your toes and heels, gives you more reference points that lock you in without restricting you. Owing to its shortness, the Essence feels just as comfortable on a steep city street as it does on a winding mountain pass.

Additional Information


33.77” / 85.8 cm


9.44” / 24 cm


25.2” – 26.38” / 65 – 68 cm


0.47” – 0.59” / 12 – 15 mm


0.67” / 17 mm


SFI-certified Canadian maple, Carbon fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet