Rocket Moray top mount pump longboard


Rocket Moray top mount pump longboard

The Moray is a modern and highly technical topmount pump board. It is the latest addition to Rocket LDP line and completes what begun in 2018 with the Exodus and continued in 2020 with the Rambler. Like the other two boards, the Moray also has a unique three-dimensional concave. Thanks to the rocker camber profile, the front is wedged by + 3 ° and the rear truck by -5 °. On the one hand, the bend ensures an ergonomic stand and on the other, the trucks need to be wedged less.

Due to the lightweight construction and the reinforcement with carbon and glass fibers, the board is very agile and responsive. It was intentionally not built completely stiff but has some flex with a great rebound to get a lot of power out of the pumps. This makes the Moray the ideal board for the ambitious long distance rider as well as for the beginner who wants to get into LDP with his existing setup.

Additional Information


39’’ / 99 cm


9.45’’ / 24 cm


29.1’’ – 30.9’’ / 74 – 78.5 cm


0.47’’ / 12 mm


Wedge + 3 ° front and -5 ° back


SFI certified bamboo, Carbon fiber, Glass fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet