Rocket Moray top mount pump longboard complete


Rocket Moray top mount pump longboard complete

This longboard has been built for pushing and pumping.

Pumping or LDP is the sport of propelling your longboard forward without touching the ground. By creating a longboard with turny front truck and a low degree truck at the back, by using your legs and technique to pump the board back and forth, this will move the deck forward. As your skill progresses you can travel long distances just by pumping. There are marathon events around the world dedicated to this sport.

This complete is a good introduction to carving and pumping. We have built it with quality components. The trucks are Paris RKP 150s, we have used a 50 degree at the front and a 43 degree at the back. We have added a wedge riser under the trucks. The riser allows for bigger wheels, and the wedge increases the angle of the trucks. The deck has built in wedging, the front of the board has a 5 degree angle, so with the wedge the trucks are 60 degree. This will make the front truck very responsive and turn aggressively. This is the start of the pump, allowing the front wheel to turn sharply.  The rear of the deck has a natural 3 degree de-wedge. Combined with the rear wedge riser the 43 degree truck will be 35 degree. Dewedging the back truck makes the back truck turn less side to side and give an up and down motion. This creates a dead truck but also one that drives the board forward. The smaller the degree the bigger the drive. The top LDP competitors have 0 degree back trucks for maximum performance. 

This board is made for everyone, but specifically someone wanting to get into LDP. The board was hand made in Switzerland, one of the best decks you can buy, it will last you forever. The trucks are Paris, one of the best cast trucks you can buy. They are not the best LDP truck but they are best for both carving, cruising and pumping. Not everyone wants to be a competitive LDP athlete! Some of us like to carve and have a look around. This deck has lots of room, a big wheel base, and is as comfortable as a an old sneaker when you are skating along the beach or around your neighbourhood. If you want to get serious and increase your LDP game, then all you need to do is change the trucks to CNC precisions (like Dont Trip Poppys) and you will be on a set up that will rival the best. 

The wheels are 90mm Boa Hatchlings. The size of the wheel makes a big difference in roll speed, They will roll a long way and some of the fastest LDP skaters in the world say Boa thane is the fastest. At this year's Broadway Bomb, all the top competitors were using Boa wheels. 

With all this amazing gear, you need ceramic bearings, and Zealous have one of the best names in longboarding for quality. It is what we ride, and what we like to recommend.

The longboard comes to you assembled and ready to skate. This board might need to be personally customised, please check for wheelbite which varies due to rider weight and rider style. 


Deck length: 39’’ / 99 cm
Deck width: 9.45’’ / 24 cm
Trucks: Paris 150s with 43/50 split
Wheels: 90mm Boa Hatchlings
Bearings: Ceramic Zealous with builtin spacers
Hardware: Stainless steel buttonhead bolts that will never rust.