Seismic 3DM Avila 75mm 73a clear red longboard wheels


Seismic 3DM Avila 75mm 73a clear red longboard wheels

Poured in Seismic’s Premium Clear™ formula: the most beautiful clear urethane on the market • smooth, fast, and grippy

Introduced in 2002, the 75mm by 65mm Avila is the original big, wide wheel, and the template for many race wheel designs that followed. Weighing more than 225 grams each, the Avilas excel on long courses due to their tremendous roll speed and inertia. Named after a favorite training ground for California Central Coast racers, and the site of the 2002 World Slalom Championships. Great for all-purpose longboarding and cruising, and among the world’s best wheels for racing disciplines including GS, DH, luge and beyond.

What we love about the Avilas are their size. Small core, all urethane. It creates are unique rolling wheel, that is effortless to push and grips and pumps which makes cruising on this wheel a joy.

If you are setting up an OG deck, these wheels are a "Road Rider" clear red. They look amazing on a deck,.

  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Width: 65mm
  • Contact Patch: 65mm
  • Durometer: 73a Road Rider Clear Red
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Lip Profile: Sharp
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth