Seismic Encore 63.5mm 78a Defcon Mango longboard wheels


Seismic Encore 63.5mm 78a Defcon Mango longboard wheels

** Sold as set of FOUR wheels **

This wheel is made from the Seismic Defcon Mango 78a formula. They are fast and a good compromise between speed and a softer wheel. Use this wheel when you need that extra speed from your push to set up for a trick. At 78a it is the softest of the Defcon formulas, so it will be a bit more forgiving on a hard surface, and help you stick a landing a hard trick.

The first wheel carefully designed for the rigors of modern Longboard Freestyle and Dance!
(Outstanding for technical freeride, too!)

• Finely-tuned height and width with beefy, well-radiused edges.
• Exceptionally tough and durable – highly-optimized to withstand the extreme impacts of big Longboard Freestyle jumps.
• Unusually light for a wheel this size, with mass highly concentrated in the tire for enhanced momentum and angular balance.
• Machine-ground running surface for near-instant break-in – consistent grip and easy slides from the get-go!
• Poured in the very finest and fastest urethanes the skateboard world has ever seen, bar none.

Molded around the trimmed Seismic EC™ core.
• 37mm tall x 37mm wide – the largest and most supportive hub ever seen in a Longboard Freestyle / Dance wheel.
• Thick, unbreakable bearing supports!
• “Fin trim” hub configuration for robust mechanical lock inside urethane without compromising tire thickness.
• Formed from 85D fiber-reinforced thermoplastic – the toughest hub material in the industry.

Available in three proprietary formulas.
Defcon™: Fast roll speed – more tricks per push! • easy, predictable slide (even on concrete) • slow, consistent wear
BlackOps™: smooth and comfy on rough / inconsistent pavement • exceptional balance of speed and grip
Premium Clear: the most beautiful clear urethane in the world
crystal clear blue, fast, smooth and grippy

  • Diameter: 63.5mm
  • Width: 42mm
  • Durometer: 78a Defcon
  • Contact Patch: 32mm
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Wheel Surface: Groove