Seismic Speed Vent 85mm 77a bubblegum longboard wheels


Seismic Speed Vent 85mm 77a bubblegum longboard wheels

These are the fastest wheels on the planet! Used to set multiple World Speed Records – including Pete Connolly’s blistering mark of 91.17 mph / 146.73 kph (Sept. 16, 2017 at The Top Speed Challenge in Quebec, Canada); and Mischo Erban’s Official IGSA standup record of 80.83 mph / 130.08 kph (Sept. 30, 2010 in northern Colorado).

Not everyone wants to break a speed record, but we all want speed. There are a lot of good reasons you might want a fast wheel. Beat your mates to the bottom of the hill. Easy commute wheel that will get you down hills fast and most of the way up the other side. Lazy push board that does not need much pushing. Turn your Penny into a monster truck!

What make these wheels special is the combination of urethane developed by professional skaters for over a decade, big hub designed to perform, a wheel shape perfected to roll fast, grip like a vice and spit you down the hill like a canon. 

  • Diameter: 85mm
  • Width: 52mm
  • Contact Patch: 52mm
  • Durometer: 77a Defcon mango
  • Lip Profile: Sharp
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth