Seismic Urchin 75mm 80a freeride wheels


Seismic Urchin 75mm 80a freeride wheels

** Sold as set of FOUR wheels **

75mm tall x 48mm wide URCHIN Wheels
42mm running surface • Offset bearing seat • Radiused outside edge, beveled inside edge

Poured in Seismic’s Elixir™ freeride urethane: smooth, predictable slides; easy hookup; bright ’thane lines

Ideal for fast freeride, the 75mm by 48mm Urchins love goin’ FAST, gettin’ sideways, and rippin’ corners!
• height and width perfectly balanced for modern all-around riding
• slide release that’s smooth, easy, comfortable, and predictable
• amazing in-slide feedback and control, bleeding just the right amount of speed
• secure, comfy hookup
• vibrant ‘thane lanes
• consistent wear