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    2017 Hawgs wheels

    2017 Hawgs wheels

    Hawgs wheels are back in stock, the 2017 range has arrived in Australia, and here is the low down.

    New wheels are Cordova and Venables. These replace the Street Hawgs range. Colours denote duro: yellow is 90a and red is 82a. Which is a bit confusing because the yellow Street Hawgs were the softer 82a and the dark reddish orange was harder 90a.

    These wheels are awesome, somewhere between skateboard and longboard. The softer wheel is great on rough surfaces or somewhere slippery like a mini ramp. The break like butter in a slide, so if you are stepping up your cruiser or creating a double kick go anywhere board, these are a go to wheel.

    The harder duro is almost tech slide, and a good compromise between soft and hard. So they'll still be good skating on rough roads to the park but once you are in the skatepark, the 90a is a lot faster, you dont feel like you have the handbrake on, you can tear around the park, grip the transitions and still get a long buttery powerslide without flatspotting.

    Street Hawgs are no more, we have put the last of our stock on special. There is not much there, so be quick if you want a bargain.

    What is gone (shred a little tear for you)

    Harder duros are all gone. Basically anything harder than 82a is finished. We have one 84a duro left in stock from the 2016 range. Be quick if you want it, they will be dinosaurs in a few weeks (extinct). We'll all wait for you as you go buy it, everyone else, lets pause for a minutes silence for our fallen heroes...

    While we are mourning, spare a moment for the 76mm Zombie Hawgs, they are gone. We have some yellow 82a left, for any vintage collectors out there, or OG skaters wanting some 76mm freeride action. For everyone else, it is just 70mm Mini Zombies left. At what point does Hawg just call them Zombies. Do you think future generations will wonder why they are called mini's when they are 70mm tall? I'm expecting lots of phone calls from hipsters trying to put the "mini" wheel on their Penny!

    Mini Zombie Hawg in blue 78a

    Mini Zombies are back - yeah baby. If you have not tasted this urethane yet, it is a little greasy like fried chicken, but oooh so tasty. Great wheel to learn how to slide because it breaks out quickly and at low speeds because of the slippery qualities of its formula. This slide and freeride wheels gets poured in 78a, 80a and 82a. We love recommending the 78a blue on cruising boards: it grips, it slips and it rips.

    The butter Hawgs aka the 70mm Boss Hawgs are now in 78a and 80a only, no more 76a. If you are looking for a good Butterball alternative, this is it.

    Boss Hawg wheels

    Mini Monsters are the go to wheel for carving and cruising. Also a fast freeride wheel. They are now only available in blue 78a, white 80a and a clear red 82a. 

    Monster Hawgs, like the mini monsters, gets a haircut and are only available in 78a blue and 80a white. This is a great downhill wheel, has a huge roll speed, and skaters doing the LDP (long distance push) keep coming back for more.

     monster hawgs

    While we are on the big wheels, lets talk Biggies. These really are the wheel everyone wants for their fast grippy set up or monster slalom cruncher. Big, fat and stacked. They put the most urethane on the road for your buck. Biggie Hawgs (70mm x 70mm) are still made in 76a and 78a but the white 80a has been dropped. There are still some 80a wheels available, if you are looking for a fast wheel to rail Mt Panorama next year. The 73mm Biggie Hawgs (73mm x 70mm) are only made in 76a and 78a in 2017, the 80a duro has been dropped. Light glove clap for the white 80a's you did well, but your time has come to be no more.

    Updated: The Micro Hawgs look to be dropped, in my original post they were included in updated wheels. I just checked the catalogue, they are not there, and there was no new stock come in. If you want a great mini cruiser wheel for carving and pedestrian slalom, get on the last of the 63mm Micro Hawgs.

    Fatty Hawgs in 63mm in all the rainbow colours: mocha, blue, green, red and the orange swirl (our pick to sell out first). The 70mm Chubby experiment is over, they ain't coming back.

    fatty hawgs

    The Chubby Hawgs in 60mm are still there. Probably the best mini cruiser wheel on the market for longboarders that want an all round wheel. The Micro Monsters are great to pump, carve and grip, but if you try to slip you will probably learn how to high side. The Chubbys have a more forgiving urethane. It is broken in, it slides and it grips. Classic sideset wheel, perfect upgrade for any mini cruiser. As it wears down it gets better and more fun.

    No change with Tracer hawgs, they are still there.

    You are up to date on Hawgs Wheels. Let us know what you think below.

    Yatesy, if you are reading this: give us the update on your wheel in the comments below. 

    New Venom wheels in the shop

    New Venom wheels in the shop

    One of the great things about Venom, is they are willing to try new urethane, experiment with designs, cores and formulas.

    Zak Maytum, Venom owner, loves the science of urethane. He also is one of the few skateboard company owners that has the skills to skate his wheels and test them in the real world. Zak and his team riders test wheels like no other brand in the world.

    This week, we have four new wheels from Venom: two with a new formula and two that are a mistake! 

    You must have seen the videos of the Venom team blasting mountains and getting pitted in the rough? In honour of their exploits, Venom's new formula is called Hard In The Paint (HITP).

    HITP formula is a low slide, thane dumping miracle. In the Harlot shape, with rounded edges, they will break free easily and feel like you are skidding on sugar. The Cannibal version is very similar, it surprising is easy to get sideways, but it is more for faster freeriding. If you are learning to slide, or just want some new wheels to impress your friends with your thane lines, then these are you wheels.

    New Harlots in HITP formula

    New Cannibals in HITP formula

    The other type of urethane we got this week was Enhanced Durability (ED).

    The Enhanced Durability wheels are a mistake pour of the Mach 1 urethane in Harlot and Cannibal shape. Instead of a landfill, Venom have released them as a limited edition, get them while you can. We can't get any more, the Australian distributor and Venom are out of stock, and Venom have removed them from their website.

    The characteristics of this wheel is fast and tough. Like the Mach 1, it rolls fast and does not wear down easily. If you are getting pitted every weekend, and sick of buying new wheels every month, then these are your go to wheel. They will last and stay fresh for a long time.

    Harlots in ED formula 

    Cannibals in ED forumla

    Don't fall in love with this harlot, once cored, they are gone forever.