Free shipping over $99

You get free shipping within Australia on any order over the value of $99.

In Australia we ship one of two ways: Australia Post Eparcel or Australia Post Express Post.

Small orders, such as a set of wheels, set of bearings or a set of trucks, go via Express Post.
Larger orders, such as decks and completes, go via eParcel standard parcel service. The reason we can't do express post for large orders is Express Post weight limit is 2kg. They also cube weight the parcels, so a deck might be less than 2kg but because of it's size, it's cube weight is more than 2kg. Also we cant fit a deck in an Express Post bag, we could but we would have to chop it up into smaller pieces, and most skaters want to chop their own decks up, they dont like it when they are pre-chopped.

You can get more details on how we ship on our shipping page.

Overseas shipping

We do not offer free shipping to skaters outside of Australia. Your ship rates vary per destination. Add an item to the cart and checkout. Depending on the weight of your order, the system determines the ship cost.