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    Hopkin Skate is an online skateshop based in Pymble NSW Australia. We currently operate out of a commercial building (the type of building suits and ties hang out in) and we don't have a traditional bricks n mortar retail shop.

    We did have a big skateshop located in St Leonards between 2006 and 2013, which skaters called the Hopshop.

    Hopkin Skate is owned and operated by myself, James Hopkin, and I'm known in the skating community as Hop. I still skate, everyday if I can get away with it. I have helped organise and run every World Cup race in Australia since 2007. I'm the President of the Australian Skateboard Racing Association. If we listed every event we have run/organised/sponsored in the last 10 years, it would be a very long boring list. The point is we are active in the local community, and we are not a faceless anonymous online website.  

    Hopkin Skate is run very differently from our early days. We now represent the brands we like and ones we recommend. Everything on this website is picked by myself or the team as what we think is the best, and what we skate (or would if we could :-) ). It is not just high end expensive boards, there should be something for every budget. The cheaper boards are usually discounted older stock that is good quality. 

    I answer most emails, and try to talk to as many customers as I can when they call. 

    We are not the biggest in Australia, but we try to be the best. We give honest advice, help skaters of every age and level get the most out of their skating and set ups. Even if we send you to another skateshop to buy what you need. 

    The skate industry hates online shops, such as this one. They think it will ruin the "sport". There are a lot of brands we can't carry because the local distributor refuses to supply an online shop. What they really are scare of is not online shops but how the internet has shifted the power from the "skate industry" to the skater. You the skater are no longer trapped to buy from somewhere that provides bad service or bad product. You usually know more about the product than most skateshop owners. It is why I love talking you guys, I'm always learning something new.

    I believe Australia should have a strong network of online skateshops, Australian skaters should have the option to buy online or over the phone. Due to where skaters live, sometimes it is the only option! There is usually better choice, and competitive pricing. Why should USA and Europe have all the good online shops? It amazes me that in 2016, Australian distributors are still fighting online shops, it is like they would rather skaters buy online from Muirs Skate, Daddies Boardshop or SoCal. I'm not against those guys, just think Australians get a better deal when buying in Australia - protected by local laws, easier to return products, and local shops run local skate events...well this one does.

    We appreciate your support, the skater. We try to keep the website up to date with everything that is available in Australia. We genuinely provide good customer service. As an online shop we allow skaters to call us. If we don't answer, it just means we are busy...or out skating ;-) The best way to get in contact is to send us an email, we try to answer all our emails, every day.

    Enjoy the new website, it is not finished, we have just begun!!

    James Hopkin
    November 2016

    Current Hopkin crew is:
    Hop (customer service)
    Jayr (website admin)
    Marco (programmer)
    Josh (customer service)
    Jacko (gnarsteez)