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    How to get more turn on Bear Grizzly trucks

    This tutorial is only for the new trucks - If the nut is located against the baseplate of the truck, then you have the older version and you can skip this tutorial. Some people have been wanting to get more turn out of their Bear Grizzlies and are not sure how to go about it. The first step is to flip the front bushing washer. If this is not enough, a second step is to remove the back bearing washer. Here are the detailed instructions but first these are all the components that make up a Bear Grizzly truck Bear grizzley truck components 1. Flip the front bushing washer: The first thing you want to do to increase turning is to flip the front bushing washer. First, remove the nut. Second, simply take the washer and flip it so that the edges now face outwards. Secure the nut back onto the truck and give it a test run. 2. Remove the back bushing washer: Only do this if the first step did not allow for enough turning. First, remove the nut. Secondly, remove the bushings, hanger, everything off of the truck so that you can get to the back bushing washer. While doing this, try and keep track of what order things went in so nothing goes in the wrong order or goes on backwards. Remove the back bushing washer and put everything else back on. Secure the nut back onto the truck. The photo above is a truck with both modifications. Make sure that the nut is covered by the entire thread of the kingpin (the screw looking thing attached to the truck). If it is on too loose, then vibrations while riding may knock it off altogether, which you really don't want to happen. NOW GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO LONGBOARD!!!

    Vale Anton Fricker

    Sad news my friends. Anthony Fricker (aka SkateAustralia) died on Friday night skating on the Gold Coast. The loss has been felt throughout the ASRA community, Queensland longboarders and the Australian's travelling on the IGSA tour in Europe. On Saturday's qualifying at the IGSA Padova World Cup race, the Australian's wore black arm bands in remembrance. On Friday night, Anton was finishing a downhill session with a friend. At the bottom of the hill, the two skaters have accidently collided, Anton has fallen from his board with his head making contact with the road. He was wearing a helmet, there were no cars involved, it appears to be a tragic accident. Emergency services were called, and Anton was rushed to hospital and under went emergency neurosurgery. Medical staff said later it would have been instantaneous and he did not suffer. His life support was switched off on Saturday, after friends and family had said their goodbyes. It has been a very hard weekend for the Australian longboarding community. I am sad that I will not see my friend behind his camera at another ASRA event. Amongst our young skaters, it is the first close friend that has died. Many of them feeling emotions they have never felt before. There is a tribute thread on the ASRA forums. Anton was such an amazing guy. I remember the first time I heard about him. Jackson told me about this film crew doing a longboarding movie. Jackson was planning to travel them, showing them some local skate spots, help with the production. At Master of the Hill, Anton and his crew were there. They captured film in slow motion of the finish line. Whenever there was a photo finish, everyone would huddle around he's small view screen and watch the finish with howls of emotion as we saw how close some of those finishes were. Anton was always looking for a different camera angle. Sometimes it was like he was playing a prank. He would be laughing while lifting one of the guys into a tree to get that camera angle. He did a bit of filming in the Hopshop, and conducted interviews there for his movie. We had the chance to sit down and talk about what direction he wanted to take with his filming and career. It struck me about how focused he was, and he really knew what direction he was going. Sometimes people can get caught up in the creative process, Anton had the ability to step back and see the big picture. Anton's movie Skate Australia will be finished by his friends. You will see some of his creative work on the next Evolutions DVD. The SkateAustralia team made the Beat The Bastard DVD, which has a trailer on the next Evolutions. We will miss Anton's smile, he positive attitude, his laugh, his vision of longboarding and his brilliant videos. Australia has lost a talented film maker. Jackson and I have lost a friend. My condolences and prayers go out to his family. Anton Fricker 1986 - 2009 SkateAustralia Anton ASRA thread Anton Fricker Anton Fricker