Anna Growden

Name: Anna Growden
AKA: Anna Shreds, Anna Agro 
Current Sponsors: Unknown

Disclaimer: These pages have been maintained to celebrate the OG Hopkin Skate Team 2006 - 2013. If any information (current sponsorships) needs updating, please let us know, if you want this page taken down please contact Hop.

Anna was one of the original Maidens of Steeze, a girl longboard crew that grew out of the original Hopshop. 

She was one of the last skaters to be put on the team, so she time was limited, I did not get to know her very well.

She has been skateboarding nearly all her life, going from an early double kick skateboard when she was seven to bombing hills on a longboard as a teenager. I know she is somewhere, charging hard, changing attitudes and redefining girls skateboarding.

Anna, if you want a better photograph than below, get in contact. Photo is a podium from a small outlaw in 2013.  Evie Carey (left) Astrid Carey (middle) and Anna Growden (right)