Cam Kite

Name: Cameron Kite
AKA: Cam, Kam, Kaam, ckam, ccaam (how else can we spell Cam) 
Current Sponsors: Rayne, Basement

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Cam is a total original.

When we put him on the team, I thought this is my lifer, Cam will skate till the day he dies! He'll be 100 years old, still in ripped jeans, singlet, his most important possessions hanging off his belt doing a big stand up slide down Bondi Road into a grave dug on Bondi headland. I'm done. 

That's Cam. Tells it how it is, skates like it it is his last day skating. 

Hop's favourite Cam story
I'm trying to decide which one to tell, there are so many. 
I always loved Cam showing up in the Hopshop, even before he was on the team. He always looked the same, and that he had come from doing something important or a major commute to get there. He's getting there stories always made me smile. Like he would have skated from the eastern suburbs (only took 3 hours), I think I found a new freeride hill.

I have friends and family in the Eastern Suburbs and I would always hear these stories:
- I saw this skater with a toolbelt around his waist and a big red Hopkin on his helmet.
- I was in a taxi in Bondi and got overtaken by this guy on a longboard.
- I was stuck in traffic and this kid was lane spitting on a longboard

My standard reply was always: Oh yeah, that's Cam.