Events and Gatherings

If you want to be involved with your child's chosen sport of longboarding then events and gatherings are the best way.

There are two types of events: Sanctioned and outlaw.

Sanction means the governing authority has given organisers permission to skate in the location.

Outlaw sounds worse than it is, and probably appeal to your teenager more :-) Skaters are organising an event but no authority has given permission. 

Your teenage son or daughter does not want you hanging around when they are skating with friends, but you can get involved if there is an event. They normally need transport.

Event organiser always need help and love when parents volunteer. They tell you what to do, just introduce yourself on the day. better still, ask your child for the event page, contact the organiser directly and explain you want to volunteer and expect a very happy response.

Longboarders love getting action photos taken of themselves. If you volunteer to take photos on one of the corners, your son or daughter will be very happy to have you tag along.

When we talk parents, it is not just dads. This all applies to mums and dads!