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      [last updated by Hop on 3rd September 2021]

      Want to know what is coming in, what is on order, what we are secretly working on? This is the page. 

      If what you are looking for is out of stock, then check this page, could be here sooner than you think! Or contact us to reserve an item or pre buy.

      Stock in transit

      Riptide. Has arrived, it is in stock. If we are still out of stock for what you want, send us an email. We are doing a new stock order now, we will make sure we add it. 

      Pantheon. Yes my LDP peeps it is finally happening. We have decks on the way. First shipment is the Nexus, Pranayama and Quest. There is also a few sneaky Seeds. I begged for stock, super limited, so if you desire, plead your case to Hop. Only the deserving will be considered.

      Pantheon. Second shipment is almost due to ship - dancers (Tandava), Wigglers, Banditos but no Trips. 

      Urethane Burners. Pucks, Risers and footbrakes will be here in a few days (3rd Sept).

      Paris. Paris trucks are on the way - street and longboard. Getting what you need - plenty of 43 degree, plenty of 150s, 165s, (expect mid-late September)

      Clutch Skateboards / CandySpanks. We have secured a limited release of these boards. Handmade in USA. Special green and gold colourway. More details soon.

      RAYNE. It's Rayne in the house. It's Rayne in the house. The Mitty deck is on the way. It will Rayne more after that.


      Sneaky stock

      This is stock we might have or is due to arrive and it might not make the website. (Talk to Hop)

      Ronin: 2021 release of downhill trucks

      G-bomb: brackets and trucks - Poppys etc


      Stock we are currently ordering

      Seismic. We are doing a big order atm. 

      Sk8kings. More slalom trucks and decks

      Bennett. More trucks

      Khiro. More bolts, risers and shockpads


      In development

      Jacko's pro model wheel (production scheduled for November/December

      Have you noticed a new wheel on Hop's Rambler? Might be a new wheel that takes you Back to the Future. (cough cough December)