In coming stock news

[last updated by Hop on 10th January 2022...Happy New Year]

Want to know what is coming in, what is on order, what we are secretly working on? This is the page. 

If what you are looking for is out of stock, then check this page, could be here sooner than you think! Or contact us to reserve an item or pre buy.

Stock in transit

88 Wheel Co.  2022 has started with the launch of a new wheel company!!
Pantheon has teamed up with Boa to make a new range of wheels covering LDP, Cruise, Carve, Downhill, Freeride and dance.
New Jacko pro wheel is the Maverick
New Jeff LDP wheel is the McFly
New freeride dance wheel is the Mooonwalkers
Stock should be here by February 

Venom. HITP Harlots and HITP Cannibals are both in stock. We have new barrel plug bushings for Calibers coming. 

Madrid. We have the current 2021 series on order: Wraith, Wendigo, Goat Sucker, Yeti and Nessie. Some have arrived!

Prism. Yes, Yes, Yes, the most requested board is on the way = Cole Trotta pro model. We ordered a lot but it will still be limited - be quick. Other Prism decks coming: Theory, Reaver, Hindsight. Some decks have already arrive and are in stock.

Rocket. Stock has arrived of Do Mini Nation, black werewolves, Essence, DH Scout!!!, classic scouts and pool scouts. 

Caliber. New Caliber 3 trucks.

Riptide. Now in stock. 

Pantheon. Banditio stock is in transit, it is taking longer than expected.  
This shipment will have more Genesis, Wiggler and Seed. We have also ordered bearings and tool kits.

Pantheon Summit series. The Summit series will be here mid January 2022. As we add them to the website, they can be found in the Summit collection

Shredemite. Full range of bolts for longboards. Allen key only, panhead and countersunk. Real stainless steel - they will not rust. Silver and Carbon black. These are high quality bolts. Plus a range of bridge bolts are currently in the works.

Clutch Skateboards / CandySpanks. We have secured a limited release of these boards. Handmade in USA. Special green and gold colourway. More details soon.

Zealous. Classic and Ceramic bearings are now in stock.


Stock we are currently ordering

Seismic. Another order in the works: new 64.5mm Encore wheels, new 55mm Focus and 58mm Booster stock. New stock of Hot Spots: 63mm and 66mm. Tantrums in 68mm. Alpha 80.5mm in Mango

Sk8kings. More slalom trucks and decks

Bennett. More trucks

Remember Collective. New production is in the works. Peewees, Lil Hoots, and Hoots. There is new 80a translucent wheel in the Peewees. Lil Hoots and Hoots get a new duro 82a!   

Urethane Burners. New stock order is currently being organised.   


In development

Shredemite has started the development process on a new freeride wheel. A better Cult Classic. Do you want to be part of the test pilot program?