How to order a longboard deck or complete from Hopkin

This is the current guide on ordering a longboard from Hopkin. 

We are always updating the website, trying new methods of how skaters can order the longboard they want. Longboarders like to configure or customise their deck or complete purchase, so we have a configurator system to help those skaters. Longboarders who are buying their first longboard or customers just trying to purchase within a certain budget want a complete and very few options to confuse an already complicated process. For those customers, we have completes at almost every price range ready to ship. Lastly we do custom quotes via email.

Here are the different ways you can order what you want, please keep in mind we are changing our configurator, so there will be a few confusing product for a while. If you have any questions, send Hop an email using the form at the bottom of this page!

The Hopkin Configurator

We were one of the first online skateshops in the world to offer a configurator style ordering system. The Hopkin configurator has been around since 2008 in one form or another, and copied by almost everyone :-)

When we launched the new Hopkin website in 2016, we changed the system to be a set price with a limited set of options. We are modifying that system, you'll see that style configurator for Loaded Boards so skaters can order Loaded' recommended set ups. 

What we are moving back to is our original configuration system. The decks and completes will be merged together into one category called "longboards". Starting price will be for a deck only. You can then add parts to the deck at a discounted price (10% discount). If you just need new trucks for your deck, and you will reuse your wheels and bearings, you can add a set of trucks and get a discount. If you want a complete longboard, set up ready to skate, then choose an part from each option and you will be ordering a complete. The options are: Trucks, wheels, bearings, griptape (sometimes not available as the board comes gripped) and finally do you want us to assemble or do you want to have the fun of doing it yourself. 
Will you assemble the board?
If you choose the option "We assemble" the board comes shipped assembled ready to skate. If you are not sure you can add a note at checkout to request the longboard comes assembled.
If we choose unassembled do you include everything I need?
We ship unassembled decks with bolts, and extra items if required such as deck washers, spacers and risers. Loaded Boards that are drop thru are always shipped with truck risers and deck washers to protect the deck from bolts, nuts and trucks.
Hopkin ordering tip
If you order a deck only, you can get free extras by selecting the "You assemble: ships with bolts etc to DIY" . If that option is selected we add bolts, risers, washers etc at no extra cost. If stickers are more important, you can select the option of no bolts and we'll add in extra stickers instead, and no extra Hopkin stickers, you'll get premium brand stickers. 

Hopkin configurator image

Set price complete option

Within our categories we have assembled longboards ready to ship. The advantage of these longboard is they are priced cheaper. When we order a complete from the factory, the brand gives us a discount and we pads it on to you. 

Some longboards are only available as pre assembled completes. Most cruisers are assembled. Brands such as Nana, Prism and Sector 9 have longboards targeting cheaper price ranges that are pre-assembled. These boards can not be configured, and come as they are at a set price. 

Get a quote

If you are not sure, or you have a target price, or you want a set up that our configurator does not offer you can get a custom quote. Use the form below to send us what you are looking for. 

If we can provide a quote, we will email it to you as a draft order. There is no obligation, and the draft will stay in our system for at least 60 days unless the products are not available. You can then modify the order online, such as change the delivery address, and if you want to proceed, you pay online as a normal checkout! If you don't want to pay online, you can phone our office and we'll process the payment offline.

Three ways to order a longboard!

Configurator - custom order
Pre assembled longboard
Get a quote

Any questions, problems, suggestions or to get a quote, use the form below.