Kelly Carter

Name: Kelly Carter
AKA: Super Grom, Kelly Grom
Current Sponsors: Unknown (let me know Kelly)

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During the heyday of Hopkin Skate team, Kelly was the grom. Gabe joined the team as the super grom, but young Kelly came along and took the spot.

In the longboard/racing world, Kelly has done more things, travelled to more places before he was 18 years old than most have done in a lifetime!

Kelly got a bit of a hazing, in an Aussie fun way, as the king of groms. He took it well, and gave a lot back. What I remember most about Kelly was his raw talent. After a Gabe event, his stand out performance, I wanted him on the team. When he did make the team, I always felt he wanted to grow up fast, to catch up with everyone on the team. 

Kelly if you every read this, I would say live in the moment mate, don't worry about what might happen or what did happen, just do it. You can do anything you put your mind too. 

Hop's favourite Kelly story
There is always a grom story. they are funny because groms think about things different, priorities are different.

We had a race or event or session in the Blue Mountains and I was picking up Kelly with some other skaters. Kelly turns up in a tee shirt. It is the mountains, it is going to get cold up there, you didn't bring a jacket? His answer was no, and the reason is it kills his aero tuck bombing down Bondi Road on the way home. A grom's priorities! He will suffer all day in the freezing cold, just to have a better aero tuck for a 15 minute hill bomb home. That's Kelly, King of the Groms, but that is the spirit of the longboarder we looked for on the Hopkin Team.