Luca Coleman

Name: Luca Coleman
Current Sponsors: Tamarama Cafe

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Out of all the skaters on the Hopkin Skate Team, Luca was the one that surprised me the most. He could have cruised and be part of the team but not Luca. Making the Hopkin Team was only the beginning. He was always looking to improve, and match it competitively in the World Cup. If it was not for a run of bad injuries, he could have been a contender. 

I never really knew Luca socially, only as a skater and a part of the Sydney crew. What I did notice was he was always there to help, that shows a lot about his character. 

I did underestimate Luca, turned out to be a core part of the team. Some of his video edits were awesome, and he always represented Hopkin, and I appreciate that loyalty. 

He is the subject of my second regret in regard to the skate team. 

In 2013, I knew there would be changes at the Hopshop, and one of my priorities was sorting out brand sponsorships for the team. At the time is was based on need. I put team names up for various brands. I figured Luca did not need the flow and was left out. That was a mistake, he was a core skater on the team, he deserved a wheel and truck sponsor, I let him down there. 

It is 2016, Luca is still shredding some of the biggest mountains in Europe, and is a successful entrepreneur in his own right (see sponsor link). 

Hop's favourite Luca story
Luca generously put travelling skaters up in his apartment in Bondi a few times. The neighbour feedback, particularly Strikers balcony behaviour, you would not wish that on anyone. Straight face, business manner in the face of adversity. Luca = dude is a legend.

Ok, Luca gets a second story. World Cup racing at Keira, bit wet in the corners, Luca had a crash, and smashed a carbon Predator helmet. It seriously saved his life. You never want to see a crumpled helmet like that, but it was impressive to see the design do its job and save the skater.