Rob McWhinnie

Name: Rob McWhinnie
AKA: Robdog
Current Sponsors: Fibretec, These wheels, RipTide, Basement Skate, Kahalani trucks

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The early days of Sydney City Bomb Squad I heard the Robdog stories, long before I met the skater himself. He was this pied piper skater, with a band of longboarding misfits, destroying boards, trucks, wheels in his attempt to skate every bit of concrete and road in the city.

The scariest part of putting Robdog on the team in those days was could I afford all the equipment he was destroying? I remember he bought this Landyachtz Chinook. Think about how heavy that longboard is, Rob was doing 12 stairs on it at Central Station. Somehow boardsliding rails. It came back the Hopshop like a flex 3 dervish, thin and flexy. Like half the plys were spread all over the city. I actually swapped it for another deck just so I could hang it in on the Hopshop wall.  

I have massive respect for Rob. His passion, his ability to never give up, smash down barriers, learn new skills and bend the world to his life. 

I know when I'm in a nursing home, aged 101, tubes hanging out of me, Robdog will the the only one to come and see me. He'll be 80, grown the dreads again, and he would use visiting me to justify skating the nursing home's multi level carpark. 

He is a skateboarder, a filmmaker, a racer and an event organizer. He does it all. If he can't do it, he'll learn how to do it.