Guide to buying skate shoes in Sydney

Currently Hopkin Skate does not sell skate shoes online...but...we have created a skateshoe guide. These are our bookmark links we use when we need to buy a new pair of skate shoes. 

As you are reading online, you probably want to buy online, so first up are our online recommendations. Remember a lot of these online shops allow you to pick up from a local store. If you are looking for a physical shop to try on skateboard shoes, then scroll down to the skateshops we recommend. 

Globe is currently our go to online shop for skate shoes.
They have a bit of everything, you can find them in a lot of big retail stores.
Their pro range is pretty impressive. For $100 the Mahalo is a seriously good shoe. I know what you are saying, but Hop, that one I want is $120!
But, if it is your first order at Globe, then use coupon code GLOBEVIP to get 20% off. So that top of the range $120 Mahalo just became $96 with free shipping. Thanks Hop ;-)

Vans not only has the biggest range in Australia, they sponsor the most events in Australia, so show them some love.
For a core skate shoe, the Chima has everything
Men's Pro skate range
Women's Pro skate range and yes the ladies are looked after with serious shoes and not mocked with wannabe fashion crap, there is not a pink shoe in there! 
Vans is one of the few brands that goes deep into kids skate shoes. If your child can not find a skate shoe in that range they like, then put 'em up for adoption. 
We don't have any coupon codes with them at the moment, something usually pops on the screen, so pay attention. They do free shipping and shop collect service. 

The other big online shoe sellers are:

Surf Dive n Ski skate shoe range
Citybeach range
And Citybeach is looking out for the ladies, they have a serious collection of real skateshoes for women
Hype DC

If you are looking for Nike sb then these are the places to shop online:
Use coupon code SAVE20 to get $20 off a $100 purchase
Surf Dive n Ski have a good Nike sb range
Hype DC 
use KICKSFIVE for 5% off your order (no restrictions)
There is also a 10% off with code WELCOME10 if you sign up a new account, but there are some restrictions, it might not be 10% off all Nike sb. Best to check first. We are too lazy to read all those terms and conditions. 

Where we go to physically buy skate shoes

Sometimes you need to try on shoes before you buy. These are our go to retail shops. This page gets updated regularly, so check back and give us feedback (use form below). If you have a good shop to recommend, let us know.

We are based on Sydney's north shore, so most of these are the shops are in that area. Big mall shops first, core skateshop below.

Hornsby Westfield has a good shop selection. The level below the main food court is skate shoe heaven. You have Hype, Platypus, Skechers and Rebel Sport (in food court area) and Citybeach not that far away.
Hype have a good range of limited edition shoes. It can be a bit hit or miss in sizes and styles, but is a good starting point, especially if you are looking for fashion skate shoe, something that will please your mum, wife or partner and you can still skate in it. They also have a good Nike SB range.
We have not really shopped at Platypus, they are a new outlet. They have a good range. If you are looking for Vans or Converse, this is your store. They sell those Converse canvas high tops that are as sick as fck, and awesome for downhill to protect ankles without being too restricted. They have Nike, but no Nike skate shoes like Janoski, if you want Nike skate shoes try somewhere else. Their online shop has a buy and pick up instore program which is a great service. Shop at lunch, send ya mum the link, she buys, you pick up after school, go skate [repeat]. These guys also have a good range of black skate shoes that can pass as school shoes. So if your school has relaxed shoe rules, you looking for an all black skate shoe so you can skate home every day, they are worth a visit.
Rebel is another controversial recommendation. They are starting to do a skate fashion shoe. If you are on a budget, check them out. 
Citybeach also has a shoe range, and it is not far from the food hall

Chatswood Westfields
This centre has a Hype. The best skate shoe shop is probably Adidas. Adidas classify their skate shoes as fashion, and the Adidas in Chatswood is a fashion store. Note: Nike shop does not sell Nike SB shoes (go figure).
If you want to see the Adidas skate collection, you can see the range here. Adidas Chatswood don't stock it all, so best to check before you trek.   
Unfortunately the Hype DC Factory outlet has closed down in Chatswood, that was the best cheap skate shoe shop in Sydney. I don't know where they have gone, if you know, please let us know. 
Surf Dive and Ski stock Nike sb, Adidas, Converse and Vans. They also have our favourite cheap skate shoe: Kustom. You can sometimes pick up a pair for $50, even cheaper at a surf shop sale (pro tip).

Your local big shopping mall
Do you have a local Westfields, or a big mall? Chances there are you can shop at one of the big brand shops we mention above. 

Core Skateshops
Obviously we are going to recommend our old staff at Basement Skate. They carry a big range of core shoes such as emerica, dvs, etnies, Diamond, Lakai, es, huf and a lot more. Robbo is old school, if you looking for a black shoe with gum sole, this is your shop. Tell em Hop sent you. 
Skate HQ are at Fox Studios do much the same brands as Robbo. Robbo is probably a bit cheaper. Like Basement they don't carry Nike sb. 
Boarders in Brookvale probably have the biggest skate shoe range in one spot. They are renown for the shoe wall, which is seriously impressive. However, most of those shoes on the wall are one off's they don't go very deep in sizes. Don't let that put you off, they have Converse, Adidas, Nike, Vans plus all the other core brands like etnies or Lakai. Definitely worth traveling too.   
UPS Skateshop is in Chippendale, and carry some core brands, but they are really a hipster skate shop. If you are looking for one off or unusual colour shoes, these guys are the ones. Pink Nike Janoski in gum sole? Sure they stock those. I'm not dising them, just letting you know what to expect. They stock Nike sb, Converse and Adidas. Skate fashion at its best.
Deckedout is one of Sydney's oldest skateshops, they have been serving southern Sydney for over 20 years! We know the shire does not like crossing the bridge, so this is your shop. They sell emerica, Globe, HUF, Lakai, Supra and eS.
335 Skate Supply are your inner west hood skateshop, located in Petersham. Their brands are New Balance, Nike sb, Vans, eS, emerica, Lakai, and HUF. We know you are really shopping there for the HUF slip-ons to skate the Dulwich Hill snake run...your secret is safe with me. 

Do you have a local skateshop you want to recommend for skate shoes? If so, send Hop an email. If you have a skateshop and you want to be listed here, let us know. At the moment it is just Sydney skateshops, but we are happy to expand out the list if this page is helpful and is getting used.