Supporting the Australian team at the 2022 World Skate Games

Hopkin Skate is proud to be a major supporter of the Australian Team at the World Skate Games in 2022.

The World Skate Games (WSG) is held every two years, and it is the World Championship for Downhill skateboard, Luge and Slalom. 

In 2022 the WSG is hosted by Argentina. Due to COVID it was postponed in 2021 and moved to 2022. Previous WSG were Barcelona in 2019 and Nanjing in 2017.

The games start on October 24 and go through to November 13. We list all the times and places you can see the Australian team complete shortly. Good links to visit on more information is the official host website (it is not secure yet so you might get an error)
WSG Argentina 2022

World Skate TV

Official results page

The must visit page is the ASRA Facebook page where the aussie are going live at events, all the videos are saved so you can catch up on what has been happening!! 

We have two stickers we are giving away to customers to celebrate our sponsorship. If you order in the next 4 weeks, you will get a limited edition Aussie green and golf Hopkin sticker!

Who is in the Australia Team?

Australia Downhill Skateboard Team


Harry Clarke

Harry Clarke was the 2019 IDF World Champion. He placed second at the 2019 Barcelona WSG.
He rides for Madrid, Venom, Rogue Trucks, Scythe and Get That Skate. 

This year he has competed on the WDSC series and is ranked 4th. His best results were 2nd at Monticiano (Italy) and 2nd at Kozakov.

Most active on Instagram: hazclarke_hlss

Zak Mills-Goodwin

Zak Mills-Goodwin is the current Australian Downhill Champion. He has consistently been the fastest Australian skater in 2022. He did not race in Europe this year but chose to train in Australia and New Zealand, where he became the first person to skate from the top of the world's steepest hill (Baldwin Street).  

Sponsors are Madrid, Venom, Rogue, Mac's skateshop and Get That Skate

Most active on Instagram: zakmd_

Mitch Thompson

Mitch Thompson was the first Australian to win a downhill World Cup for Australia. Something that had alluded Australian skaters for 20 years. In 2019 he won his home town race Newtons on Mt Panorama. Mitch raced in the USA this season, and was one of the fastest skaters at Maryhill but was unfairly knocked out due to a poor rule interpretation by USA officials. Mitch is one of the racers to watch out for at the WSG, he will be charging fast at the finish line.

Sponsors are 88 Wheels, Rayne, Roja trucks, Basement Skate, Vicious Grip

Most active on Instagram: _mitch_thompson_

Davis Lanham

Davis Lanham is one of the most consistent Australian downhill skaters. A true athlete and professional, who is always competitive on the mountain. After a break from downhill racing, Davis competed at the 2022 Australian Championships and earned a place on the Australian team for the first time. He has been training in Australia and won the Tintenbar race, a warm up before WSG. 

Sponsors are Dont Trip, Cuei wheels, and Landyachtz 

Most active on Instagram: davislanham


Zane Bonzer 

Zane Bonzer is the young gun of Australian Downhill. Since a grom he has been competing at events and working his way to the top of the downhill rankings. His break out race was the 2022 Australian Downhill Championships where he was near impossible to beat. His superpower is courage, and he never backs down from a downhill dog fight. Expect to see him shoulder to shoulder at the finish line and not giving an inch!

Sponsors are (Zane said in order) Mum, Landyachtz, Bear, Hawgs and Concretelines skateshop.

Most active on Instagram zane_bonzer123


Jaydon Howarth

 Jaydon Howarth is the dark horse on the Australian team, even his leathers are darker than everyone else! If you are a top overseas racer from Europe, America or South America, this is the man to keep on your radar. The Mitty understudy...young, big, and fricken fast. Jaydon grew up skating hills like Mt Panorama, so he knows how to skate stealth and avoid trouble.  

Most active on Instagram jaydon_howarth


Australia Downhill Luge Team

Graham Brittain

Graham "Grits" Brittain has been a loyal supporter of Australian downhill since the early days of ASRA and the number one luger for almost all that time! Grits is an inspirational racer, always helping other competitors, always contributing to the scene and is the backbone of the Australian team. No other racer has more respect within the Australian team.

He has been training this year on fast Queensland hills, working on his set up and is always competitive when those three starting beeps are heard.  He will be in the mix at WSG, look for the blur of aussie green and gold at Argentina.

Sponsors are Cre8ive Sk8 and Rogers Brothers

Most active on Instagram gritsbrits and Facebook

Julian Slaney

Julian Slaney has one speed and that is flat out fast. He is the pure racer in the Australian team. When he is not racing on his luge, he racing cars! Expect to see tight racing lines at Argentina, when Julian goes shoulder to shoulder against the best in the world. The one thing you need to know about Julian, he goes into every race expecting to win. He will fight to the last metre and never give up. 

Julian sponsors are Mac's boardshop and Olympus Lawyers 

Most active on Instagram julianslaney


Australia Downhill Inline Team


Greg Casey

Greg Casey is a rare breed of inliner that loves going downhill fast on his roller blades. Inline is the dark horse of Australian downhill. Only a few skaters do inline downhill but thousands inline skate recreationally. In the next 8 years inline will be one of the booming parts of downhill. It is already a major part of downhill in regions such as Europe. 

Don't miss out of Greg racing against the world in Argentina. There is amazingly tough competition from all countries including Brazil and Italy. 

Most active on Facebook 


Australian Slalom Skateboard Team

Nathan Paff

Nathan Paff is the number one ranked slalom skater on the Australian team. He has an amazing determination and consistently races at all Australian slalom events and has had some hard fought head to head racing against Australia's top slalom skaters Jackson Shapiera, Haggy Strom and Paul Shaddock.

Most active on Facebook

Paul Shaddock

Paul Shaddock is from the heartland of Australian downhill (Central Coast NSW). Always improving on his slalom, always keen to go head to head with the best. Look out for his fast whipping action at Argentina.

Ryan Nichols

Ryan "pickles" Nichols is the Australia's secret weapon in the Giant Slalom. When it is fast and technical, pickles thrives. He placed second in the Spence Ditch race this year, almost knocking Jacko off the top of the podium. Watch out for pickles when the racing turns downhill fast and there is dodging of objects on the road, which is normal skating conditions on the Central Coast! 

Imogen McMillan

Imogen McMillan is from the McMillan slalom dynasty. She practically grew up on a slalom skateboard and has been to more slalom events than most slalom skaters. This is her first international event, and she can finally put her racing skills up against other top female racers. It is only a matter of time before we see Im on an international podium.