Ace AF1 Compact Skate Tool


Ace AF1 Compact Skate Tool

If Harry Clarke has stolen your skate tool, and you need to buy a new one? Buy this one!

Updated for 2021, it is one of the best skate tools on the market!

Now you see it, now you don't. Meet the last skate tool you will ever need. Proven T-shape when assembled. Super compact shape to go with you when collapsed. Don't leave home without one.

This is basically a re-branded Paris skate tool.

Advantages of this type of tool? The centre is hollow so you can tighten long bolts. This tool also has an axle/kingpin re-threader.


  • Phillips and Allen
  • Kingpin nut
  • Axle nuts
  • Mounting hardware
  • File
  • Axle and Kingpin re-threaders built in
  • 100% tool steel