Boa Black Belly Ceramic bearings with LIFETIME warranty


Boa Black Belly Ceramic bearings with LIFETIME warranty

**   The LAST set of bearings you will ever buy. **
These bearings come with a LIFETIME guarantee. I called the founder of Boa to get the real story. He said, no joke, if these bearing ever fail, Boa will replace them. The exceptions are misuse and foul play. So I ran through some scenarios:
Q: I skate in the rain, the bearings seize up.
Boa: We replace them
Q: After using them for 5 years, they don't spin too well.
Boa: We replace them
Q: Car runs over my board, bearings are toast
Boa: You buy new bearings
Q: My mate tried to install bigger ball bearings and they don't spin now
Boa: You have to buy new bearings
Q: I took my board down a dirt path and the bearings don't work
Boa: We replace your bearings
Q: It is 2050, my grandfather, Marty McFly left me a retro skateboard with Black Belly bearings, the wheels dont spin can I have a new set?
Boa: Warranty is not transferable or it can not be bequeathed, you have to buy new bearings. 

Longboarding and electric skateboarding is different to traditional skating you see at the skatepark. So why do we use the same gear? When you are longboarding, you are riding over all types of surfaces in all kinds of weather. In the rain, through dust and dirt, hot days, humid days and even when it hails! Normal skateboard bearings just don't cut it. So what do we do? We buy cheaper quality bearings and replace them when they fail...which is often. Boa decided there must be a better way, and the result is the Black Belly Bearings. Built to outlast all other bearings. Backed by a lifetime warranty. 

    Why are these the last set of bearings you ever buy? Ceramic balls that will not corrode. Sealed caged. The metal exterior is coated with an anti corrosion layer. So these bearings will literally get faster as they age and will not seize up due to poor skating conditions. To top it off, they apply a little bit of Boa secret sauce which they are calling nano ceramic grease. 

    Included in package: Eight standard size ceramic bearings with builtin spacers.