Boa Hatchling V3 90mm Yellow Longboard Wheels ideal For LDP Or Electric Longboards


Boa Hatchling V3 90mm Yellow Longboard Wheels ideal For LDP Or Electric Longboards

** Sold as set of FOUR wheels **

Version 3 of the Hatchling is here! Designed specifically for long-distance pushing (LDP) and distance skating. The new hatchling has a greater focus on long distance skating, it has sharper lips and a wider contact patch. This results in a faster roll speed and a sharp grip in a pump and carve. 

Boa have reduced radius of the lips, which gives you even more edge grip, making it easier to carve and control your board at high speeds. The wider contact patch also helps to absorb vibrations and provide a smoother ride, even over rough terrain.

This is the 76a yellow Hatchling, it is the faster of the two duros, and is perfect for riders who want a balance of speed and grip. 

Whether you’re a seasoned LDPer or you’re just starting out, the Boa Hatchling V3 is the perfect wheel for you. With its fast roll speed, grippy design, and comfortable ride, the Hatchling V3 will help you push further and faster than ever before.

Here are some of the key features of the Boa Hatchling V3 that make it perfect for LDP and distance skating:

  • 90mm size for maximum speed and momentum
  • Sharper lips for more edge grip
  • Wider contact patch for a smoother ride
  • Available in two durometers: 76A and 74A
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Compatible with electric skateboards


The Boa Hatchling can fit any board push or electric that uses a Orangatang Kegel or Orangatang Caguama.



  • Diameter: 90mm 
  • Hardness: 76a 
  • Width: 60mm 
  • Contact Patch Width: 60mm 
  • Hub: OffSet 
  • Lip: Sharp
  • Surface: Smooth 
  • Wheel Color: Yellow