Bronson Raw skateboard bearings


Bronson Raw skateboard bearings

Do you like the sound of speed? These are your bearings! No shields = the raw whirling sound of bearings is like music. 

Since modern bearings were invented, skaters have been popping their shields, and throwing them away. Easier to clean, sounds louds, and rolls fast. The doubters will be mumbling about dirt but the fact is dirt gets into bearings with shields but the problem is it can't get out. Shieldless means that if dirt gets in, then dirt can get out leaving the bearing to roll fast and long. These bearings have been designed to be shieldless, it is not a gimmick. Read the facts:

Shield Free Design

  • No more shields to get damaged or pop off -- the first shield-less bearing designed for skateboarding
  • No shield grooves in either race for no crud, dust and dirt build up - super fast sound and spin

Tungsten Coated Races

  • Micro-thin tungsten dry lubricant coating is fast, slick and non-stick to minimize dirt, dust and crud build up.
  • Tungsten coating is an extremely slick, low drag, dry film lubricant with a very low coefficient of friction

Audible Speed Technology

  • Fully open, high spin, and shield free -- RAW's are designed to enhance the sound of speed.
  • Run your bearings with no shields? Like a RAW sound? This bearing's for you!

Cage Design

  • Super strong, durable, non-distortion fiberglass filled pure nylon cage keep the balls precision spaced.
  • High wear and tear resistance, improved performance in an increased dust and dirt environment.

Deep Groove Raceways

  • Balls sit and roll deeper in the raceway channels than weaker shallow groove designs.
  • Dramatically reduces axial and angular side impact damage and breakage, surfaces stay smooth and fast.

Factory Fresh Quality

  • 100% hand inspected twice and micro-polished & ultrasonic solvent washed 3X prior to final packaging.
  • Packaged in nitrogen filled packaging -- reduces metal and oil oxidation until ready to be ridden.