Clutch Granicus metalic green and gold skateboard longboard


Clutch Granicus metalic green and gold skateboard longboard

Special Aussie "Down Under" version of the Granicus. These were a custom order from Clutch Skateboards.

These boards have been hand made. Literally hours of work have gone into each individual deck.

Clutch Skateboards - Candy Spank's is an American woodshop, where Alex Newton handcrafts some of the finest skateboards and longboards on the planet.   

If you want a unique board, that no one else will have, this is it. Every board is different. Although we have 3 green and gold decks, each one is slightly different. One has a black candy spank's logo, and two have white logos. Two of the decks have the logos put on upside down, an Alex "down under" joke. The secod white logo deck has the logo down the side. These boards were made for Australia.

Design is a classic single kick deck. There is no flex in these decks, they are stiff enough for freeriding if you want to set them up for fast skating. 

Length: 32.5 inch

Width: 8.25 inch 

Wheelbase: 19.5 inch

Skateboard Cruiser set up
Match the deck colours with trucks and wheels. Ace AF1 22  metalic gold trucks and Alligator clear green 62mm wheels and green zealous bearings. Almost too good to skate!

Longboard Cruiser set up
Paris 150 RKP 50 degree trucks and Alligator clear green 71mm wheels and green zealous bearings. 

Fast longboard set up
Paris 150 RKP 50 degree trucks, 69mm Seismic Hot Spots in 80a mint, zealous bearings

Decks come with free standard black grip. If you want to display or collect your deck you can choose an option to not have the grip applied.