Clutch Candy Spanks Chilli Bean mini cruiser

$201.00 $234.00

Clutch Candy Spanks Chilli Bean mini cruiser

The Chilli Bean is the one of a kind do it all mini cruisers coming straight from the Clutch skateboards factory in the USA. These decks boast one off, never to be seen again graphics. Once they're gone. Thats it!

What makes them special is they are handcrafted in one of the last independent woodshops in the USA. 

This particular model comes complete with 109mm Independent trucks, Independent GP-S Bearings and 60mm 78a OJ Super juice wheels! The perfect pocket rocket to add to your quiver.

The deck specs are
8.5 inch wide
28 inch long

Wheelbase is 21.25 inch! What does that mean? Means this mini cruiser is like a longboard. Literally anyone can skate it. No concave, totally flat with a small bit of rocker - that means the board shaped like a banana, the two ends are higher than the middle. This makes it super comforfy to push. The deck is stiff, it will not flex. You can stand on this deck, push and not worry about anything else. Push, carver cruise. If you are looking for a simple push deck to hide in your backpack or at work, or something to live in your car and pull out at the beach or when you need a car in the work carpark, this is your board!