Rocket Rambler longboard complete with McFlys


Rocket Rambler longboard complete with McFlys

This longboard has been built for pushing and pumping.

Pumping or LDP is the sport of propelling your longboard forward without touching the ground. By creating a longboard with turny front truck and a low degree truck at the back, by using your legs and technique to pump the board back and forth, this will move the deck forward. As your skill progresses you can travel long distances just by pumping. There are marathon events around the world dedicated to this sport.

This complete is a good introduction to longboarding. Even if you have never stepped on a longboard, you can skate this board. It is for everyone, even if you have skated your whole life, you will love this board. 

It is designed to run standard 50° trucks between 150mm and 180mm and wheels up to 90mm. At Hopkin Skate, we are not about ordinary, so this complete has a bit of Hopshop magic in how we have put it together! 

The trucks are Paris RKP 150s, we have used a 50 degree at the front and a 43 degree at the back. The Ramber has a natural wedge of 9 degrees on the front. So the 50 degree truck will be nearly 60 degree and make it very responsive and turn aggressively. This is the start of the pump, allowing the front wheel to turn sharply.  The rear of the deck has a natural 13 degree de-wedge. This will turn the 43 degree truck into a 30 degree truck. Dewedging the back truck makes the back truck turn less side to side and give an up and down motion. This creates a dead truck but also one that drives the board forward. The smaller the degree the bigger the drive. 

It has a low standing platform which makes it easy to push and thanks to a wedged front and a dewedged back it pumps amazingly. Its ergonomic 3D concave locks your feet when needed but stays comfortable for hours. 

Weight is an important factor when it comes to riding longer distances. Rocket has used an ultralight hollow core construction with a powerful flex. For more versatility it comes in two versions: The flex II version has exactly the rebound you need for strong pumps and suits riders up to 90 kg. The stiffer version flex I is made for riders up to 110 kg or for the downhill skaters who want a stiff deck.

This board is made for everyone, but specifically someone wanting to get into long distance pushing and pumping. The board was hand made in Switzerland, one of the best decks you can buy, it will last you forever. The trucks are Paris, one of the best cast trucks you can buy. You don't just blast out the miles on this deck liek a robot. It is super comfortable and stable, so easy to push, look around, enjoy where you are, carver and push.  

The wheels are 86mm 88 McFlys. This is the wheel developed for Pantheon. It is a bit slimmer than the Hatchling, just as fast but lighter and more agile. This is teh wheel Hop is currently using on his Rambler. 

With all this amazing gear, you need ceramic bearings, and Zealous have one of the best names in longboarding for quality. It is what we ride, and what we like to recommend.

The longboard comes to you assembled and ready to skate. This board might need to be personally customised, please check for wheelbite which varies due to rider weight and rider style. 


Deck length: 38.4” / 97.5 cm
Deck width: 9.7” / 24.6 cm
Trucks: Paris 150s with 43/50 split
Wheels: 86mm 88 McFlys 
Bearings: Ceramic Zealous with builtin spacers
Hardware: Stainless steel buttonhead bolts that will never rust.